Viridian XTL: An Eyewitness in Your Holster?

The stress of a dynamic deadly force incident does funny things to a human’s memory. Video evidence is the gold standard in recounting how events occurred. So how would you like a camera on your defensive firearm to record every second of your deadly force encounter? The new Viridian XTL with CAM is a 500-lumen tactical light with a high-resolution video camera built right in.

The XTL camera captures video in high-resolution 1080p and provides clear audio of the incident. Best of all, the hands-free system operates at the muzzle of the firearm to ensure nothing obscures the footage. Using the Viridian Instant On system, the camera activates automatically. It begins recording as you draw it from the holster. Afterward, you can download the captured audio and video directly to your computer with a simple USB cable.

More often than not, video evidence exonerates the good guy in a shooting incident. The XTL now brings the power of that video evidence to private citizens. The XTL is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes and has a battery life of 90 minutes. The unit’s memory can hold up to six hours of 1080p video. 6160 aircraft-grade aluminum and high-grade polymer construction make the camera extra tough. It will operate at temperatures from 14 degrees F to 140 degrees F.

Not Just for Court

The XTL can also serve in training situations where others would like to see precisely what the trainee was seeing. The camera is simple to set up and use, and one cable allows you to download the video and recharge the battery.

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