Choosing a wardrobe to go along with the concealed carry lifestyle can seem challenging. Especially in warmer months, it can be hard to keep a low profile. However, the iconic polo shirt is a summer wardrobe staple and also very versatile. And though ideal for summer, polos can seem less than ideal for carrying concealed. Polos are not made for layering.

Wearing an undershirt under a polo shirt adds excess bulkiness and could get very uncomfortable in warmer climates. At the same time, if you are wearing anything in your waistband or on your belt, you don’t want that object to rub against your skin and chafe it.

About the Vertx Assessor Polo 2.0

Vertx® is a leader in discreet wear for armed professionals. Vertx recently provided me with its Assessor Polo 2.0 shirt for evaluation. The Assessor Polo is designed to allow for the comfortable concealed carry of firearms or gear without an undershirt. The secret is a hidden WeaponGuard semi-compression underlayer that prevents gear from chafing your skin.

The WeaponGuard underlayer is sewn in around the shirt underneath the upper chest. There is no extra material above, which a really great feature. There is a visible seam where the underlayer is attached to the shirt. The seam is unobtrusive and doesn’t compromise the shirt’s true purpose. It looks like it is there for a styling touch. I have worn the shirt around town in a variety of settings and no one has commented on the seam.

The Assessor Polo is constructed to allow for the ease of clearing and drawing a concealed firearm. The WeaponGuard semi-compression underlayer is longer than the actual shirt, allowing it to remain tucked in all the way with no excess material to interfere with drawing and reholstering.

Designed for Comfort

The cotton/poly blend of the outer layer offers the wearer the superior breathability of cotton fabric and the tear-resistance of polyester. It also maintains shape and colors longer than 100 percent cotton and shrinks less. The blend dries quicker and is less prone to clinging, piling and static than 100 percent polyester as well.

The WeaponGuard underlayer is a blend of polyester/37.5 polyester. Vertx proprietary VaporCore powered by 37.5 Technology promotes active cooling and rapid drying. It is also made from naturally derived materials. The material dries up to five times faster than other performance fabrics, eliminating wet cling and enhancing both comfort and performance. The 37.5 Technology has active particles in the yarn to help control odor. These never wash out, providing lasting odor control.

Concealed Carry Polo Worth the Purchase?

The Assessor Polo has a low-profile modern classic design that blends into any environment. It has an athletic fit with an underarm gusset for comfort and enough stretch for unrestricted mobility. The tail is long enough to keep everything concealed while remaining stylish. Other features include a no-roll collar, comms loop on the inside of the back collar and wire pass-through for earbuds in both side seams of the WeaponGuard underlayer, plus a three-button front placket with a loop for mic or glasses.

The Assessor Polo is currently available in your choice of four colorways: heather black; ranger green; reaper red and deep water blue. All things being equal, darker shirts better conceal than lighter-colored shirts since they visually print less to the eye.

The Assessor Polo is an outstanding shirt for warm weather concealed carry. It looks great, works great and feels great. The design, quality and workmanship are exceptional, as one would expect from Vertx.

The Assessor Polo 2.0 has an MSRP of $58.99. The Assessor Polo and all Vertx products are available online or at authorized Vertx dealers.