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Looking for some early Christmas gifts? Thinking about treating yourself? Well, if you love a good deal, you’re in luck! The USCCA Store has some new products and great holiday deals. Read on to find out more.

New Arrivals

The USCCA Store has over a dozen new products just in time for the holidays. These new products (released on November 15) include:

  • USCCA Freedom Isn’t Free Patch Hat (ECA1120041)
  • USCCA Leather Logo Keychain (ECA1120042)
  • USCCA Logo License Plate Holder (ECA1120043)
  • USCCA Silver Ball Light Up Ornament (ECA1120023)
  • USCCA Whiskey Bullet Chillers (ECA1120034)
  • USCCA Custom Crew Socks (ECA1120035)
  • USCCA Ugly Christmas Piece Be With You T-Shirt (ECM1120044)
  • USCCA Rocks Bullet Glass (ECA1120038)
  • USCCA Tactical Duffle Bag (ECA1120040)
  • USCCA Reflective Dog Leash (ECA1120037)
  • USCCA Women’s Lead Eagle Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (ECW1120021)
  • USCCA Men’s Land of the Free Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (ECM1120045GR)
  • USCCA Tactical Stocking (ECA0720011)
  • USCCA Ammo Can (ECA1120039)
  • USCCA Men’s Lead From The Front America Eagle T-Shirt (ECM1120050)
  • USCCA Men’s God, Guns, Guts T-Shirt (ECM1120048)
  • USCCA Men’s Fatal Stamp T-Shirt (ECM1120047)
  • USCCA Men’s Liberty or Death T-Shirt (ECM1120046MN)

Holiday Deals: Limited-Time Offer

Customers who spend $99 or more on their purchase will get a FREE survival kit (Offer only valid from Nov. 22, 2020 to Dec. 5, 2020). Also, select T-shirts are only $15 each.

Visit the USCCA Store

Don’t miss out on these new products and limited-time offers! Head over to the USCCA Store to see what other cool apparel, gear, accessories, educational material and gifts we have available. Don’t know the right size? Pick up a gift card!

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