Acting in self-defense…

You see it on the news every day, but you never think it’ll happen to you… If it does, do you have a plan? Do you know who you’ll turn to for help?

Make the decision to do more than hope it will never happen to you. Preparation is the first step in protecting your family’s future. But it takes more than simply owning a gun.

We’re Here to Help

USCCA Membership is the responsible American gun owner’s secret weapon. With unparalleled education and training opportunities, USCCA members can rest easy knowing they have the skills and resources required to ultimately protect their families.

With revolutionary self-defense protection, USCCA members can also trust that they’ll have someone in their corner — fighting for their innocence — in the complicated aftermath of a self-defense incident. The USCCA Critical Response Team is the responsible gun owner’s second line of defense and the first line of pro-2A support.

Can you say that you have that level of support without a USCCA Membership?

Let us be your guide before, during and after a self-defense incident.