It is getting to be that time of year when we all must start planning for the upcoming USCCA Concealed Carry Expo. CCX 2019, as the cool kids around the office are calling it, is set for May 17-19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it is set to be our biggest Concealed Carry Expo yet.

Funny how things work. You have a great idea, gather a group of people with lots of experience, motivation and passion, and then work really hard — and violà, you suddenly have something people really love. As with everything we do here at the USCCA, our goal is to always be bigger, better and faster. As far as the Concealed Carry Expo, that means you will be seeing more vendors, getting more training and learning more about the concealed carry lifestyle than ever before.

So Many Training Opportunities!

Yes, we will still have the Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Tactical Range and the USCCA Live-Fire Range. The live-fire range will have an ever-growing number of gun makers on hand with pistols for you to test. Thanks once again to Black Hills Ammunition for supplying the ammo we will burn up over the weekend.

While the Concealed Carry Expo has always been and will continue to be an amazing consumer show, the mission of the USCCA puts training and education as two of the pillars of this organization. CCX 2019 will be no different. The training opportunities at the expo will be many and varied. Dave Young will be on hand with his incredibly popular hands-on training programs. Scott W. Wagner will be talking about the right way to fight with a revolver. Dave Spaulding will offer up his insights into creating and maintaining a combative mindset. Michael Martin will lead a discussion on countering the mass shooter threat. Anthony Lambert will show us emergency first aid with his presentation “Stop the Bleeding, Start the Breathing.”

Do you know the coolest thing about the previous paragraph? All of the training mentioned above is just from Day One. We have three big days of training. Most of the classes are free with your paid admission to the show. There are some training classes that cost extra, and those are filling up quickly, so get over to the website,, get your tickets and sign up for the training classes you want.

Exciting Programming Additions

We have made some very cool changes to the Concealed Carry Expo this year. First on the list is the Friday-night event. This year we will be hosting a live panel discussion to review our award-winning Proving Ground video training series. If you haven’t seen the Proving Ground series, sign up for the emails. We will take a trainee through different scenarios and evaluate the outcome, then open the floor to questions addressing the legal, tactical and training elements that were just presented. During the Friday event, guests will witness a live scenario-based training session and be able to ask the trainee questions immediately after the smoke clears.

We have also added a panel discussion on the topic of protecting houses of worship. Ron Aguiar, who brings more than two decades of experience protecting churches, will lead this free presentation

You Knew There Would Be Prizes

Now … finally the best for last. In just two weeks, a major U.S. gun maker, working in collaboration with the USCCA, will announce the creation of a new handgun that will be unveiled March 15 — in advance of its national debut — at the Concealed Carry Expo. Part of the promotion will include a chance to win this gun. But there’s more! The winner will also win an all-expenses paid trip to the USCCA Expo to become the first* person to shoot this new gun.

If you haven’t signed up for our emails, sign up now so you can enter to win this great prize package.

That’s it. Come to the Concealed Carry Expo. It’s going to be great.

*Editors note: You won’t actually be the first person to shoot the gun. I shot it for the review appearing in Concealed Carry Magazine. Sorry. Not sorry. But if you want to see the complete review, it will be in the magazine. You know how to get the magazine.