When you consider all the myths, misinformation and other such bull gun owners often have to deal with, it makes sense for armed Americans to stand together. This is especially true of those whose values are as closely aligned as members of the USCCA and fans of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). The USCCA is proud to be the official and exclusive personal-defense partner of the PBR.

Professional bull riding is a fierce but fun sport, with roots deeply embedded in American culture. It has an incredibly fast-growing fan base, with more than 4.5 million followers across its social media channels and millions of others who attend sold-out events across the country or watch weekly broadcasts on CBS and the Wrangler Network.

This loyal following is committed equally to family and freedom. Fans make up a diverse group, including men, women and children of all ages and ethnic and economic backgrounds. Many are also veterans and hunters who value their Second Amendment rights and are willing to stand up for their families and their freedoms.

Finding Common Ground in the Dirt

With so much common ground, it’s easy to understand why we’ve chosen to partner with the PBR. As the official personal-defense sponsor of the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour, the PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour and the PBR Global Cup USA, we’re able to reach this incredible audience that takes toughness, courage, respect, determination and patriotism seriously. It’s what they call the Cowboy Code, and these are the same qualities that motivate USCCA Members to take a stand against evil.

Both we and the PBR believe we are born to protect, and we’re doing it together with a partnership that delivers lifesaving information in exciting, effective ways:

1. Strong PBR Event Presence
From messaging on every screen in major venues to concourse booths, live giveaways and in-seat placement of a special edition of Concealed Carry Magazine, the USCCA is connecting with protectors and providing tangible value.

2. Ongoing, Upgraded Communication
With a number of opt-in methods, fans can stay in touch with the USCCA, access free learning and receive special offers via email. We’re also inviting them to follow us on social media and visit our online community of like-minded Americans. We will also have the opportunity to build brand awareness through the PBR’s broadcast channels. Traditional television has not allowed us to promote responsible gun ownership, but our affiliation with the PBR will open the door to seeing our logo in mainstream media and to sharing our message on their highly visible network.

3. Leading by Example
Knowing the influence the PBR riders have with their fans, we’re offering concealed carry classes for the stars of the show. As they become more knowledgeable and skilled as protectors, they will be featured in educational content that relates everything from the training needed to stay in the saddle for eight seconds to the practice required to be responsible and accurate with a firearm in the heat of the moment.

Staying Safe in an Often Dangerous World

The bottom line is this: We know life is a wild ride, and we’re here to help fans stay safe in what can sometimes be a dangerous world.

Self-defense is your God-given right, but one wrong move could get you hurt, arrested, jailed or sued. By partnering with the PBR, we’re expanding our efforts to help strong, self-reliant people learn how to protect and be protected. Together, we can defend what matters most: family, home, country and a special way of life.