I just put the finishing touches on the intense new training series I’m launching this week.

Take a peek at video #1:

You’re enjoying a campfire at your campsite when all of a sudden, two strangers approach and start asking for food, drinks and MONEY…

What’s your next move?

[VIDEO] Caught off Guard at the Camper – What Do You Do…?

Video still of a role player in a stress vest brandishing a red practice knife with a white RV in the background

See what happens when this risky situation takes a turn for the worse and discover what you can do to protect yourself and those you love from harm when you’re trapped in an intense scenario like this…


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[VIDEO] Caught off Guard at the Camper – What Do You Do…?

Take Care and Stay Safe,

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Tim Schmidt

President | USCCA

P.S. – I’ll be releasing TWO more training videos over the next week! They’re only available for a very short time, so be sure check the USCCA Blog again soon!

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