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True Stories of USCCA Members

As a fellow American gun owner, I believe it’s my duty to make sure you’re informed and ready if, God forbid, the day ever comes when you have to draw your firearm in self-defense…

Because there might be more at stake than you imagined.

That’s why I’m going to share three USCCA Members’ heart-pounding true stories of armed self-defense. You’ll even see news footage that captured the moment one USCCA Member was forced to shoot…

Listen to These True Stories of USCCA Members

You’ll hear all the shocking details — why they grabbed their guns, why they faced arrest, and everything that happened after their USCCA Memberships came to their rescues.

Watch the video to learn how you too can grow as a responsible gun owner and, most importantly, serve as your family’s ultimate protector with the help of a USCCA Membership.

These are hardly the last people the USCCA has had to help. In fact, we get calls every single day from USCCA Members all across the country — folks just like you who are looking for someone to stand up for their rights and futures as responsible gun owners.

That’s why the USCCA exists! It’s what we do! So make sure you take just a few minutes to watch these life-changing true stories. They may just change your life as well.

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