Family Feud Turns Violent in Kentucky

A Pikeville man was digging in his yard when a neighboring family complained he was working on their land. What had been an ongoing property dispute turned violent when the neighboring family of five physically attacked the couple doing the digging. Seeing his wife attacked and fearing for their safety, the homeowner drew a small pistol and fired on the attackers, injuring one in the arm and stopping the assault. Responding state police arrested the attacking family members.

WYMT-TV Virtual Channel 57, Hazard, Kentucky


Pennsylvania Mother Defends Son Against Armed Assailant

When a Jeannette mother saw her son being shot at multiple times while running away from an attacker, she took action. She drew her own pistol and fired on the assailant, hitting him in the leg and putting him to flight. Police say the defending mother’s actions were justified. Authorities have issued arrest warrants for the attacker on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and firearm possession by a minor., Tarentum, Pennsylvania


Alabama Son Kills Father While Defending Stepmother

A Wilmer man witnessed his father, who was armed with a handgun, abusing his stepmother. When the situation turned violent, the man feared for his stepmother’s life and shot his father once, ending the attack. The father later died of his injuries. Investigators will present the case to a grand jury.

WPMI-TV Channel 15, Mobile, Alabama


West Virginia Man Shoots Naked Burglar

A Hamlin man heard noises of a possible break-in to his home early one morning. Taking up a shotgun when he went to investigate, he encountered a naked man. The homeowner fired one shot from his shotgun, striking the intruder in the shoulder and ending the incident. Police speculated the naked burglar was high on drugs. The homeowner is not expected to face charges for defending his home.

WCHS-TV Channel 8, Charleston, West Virginia


Indiana Concealed Carrier Aids Walmart Security Officer

An off-duty park ranger was working as a Walmart security guard when a shoplifting suspect resisted him. When the suspect drew a pistol and pointed it at the security guard, a nearby shopper with a legally carried pistol fired on the suspect, driving him away. The suspect was later tackled and detained by another good Samaritan outside the store. No one was hit by gunfire in the incident, though the suspect and security guard both sustained non-serious injuries.

WTHR-TV Channel 13, Indianapolis


Ohio Man Defends Against Armed Robber

A Hartsgrove Township man was at home one evening when an armed man entered his residence and demanded some property. The armed robber fired on the homeowner, and the homeowner returned fire, seriously injuring the robber in the chest and causing him to flee. Police had not announced charges at press time.

WOIO-TV Channel 19, Shaker Heights, Ohio


Michigan Mother Stops Home Invasion

Hearing sounds of a home invasion and alerted by her 9- and 13-year-old children, a Walled Lake mother took up a firearm and fired though a window to ward off three burglars. The mother called her husband who was working in nearby Detroit and who heard some of the commotion over the phone. Responding police arrested two men and a woman nearby, all of whom will face hate crime charges. The two men will also face burglary charges.

WDIV-TV Channel 4, Detroit


Arizona Man Helps Woman Being Assaulted

About 7:30 p.m. one evening, a Tucson woman was being physically assaulted by her boyfriend in a bank parking lot. She ran to a nearby bystander’s car and sought help. Getting into the bystander’s car, she and the driver were then both accosted by her assailant. In the ensuing encounter, the bystander used a handgun to shoot the assailant, fatally wounding him. The case will be reviewed by the county prosecutor.


Colorado Woman Defends Against Attacking Partner

A Colorado Springs woman and her male partner were arguing when the man started strangling her and threatened to kill her. Fearing for her life, she was able to get to a pistol and shoot her assailant once in the head, wounding him. Police are still investigating the incident.

KKTV-Channel 11, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Texas Woman Shoots Domestic Assailant

A Harris County woman was at her home as her boyfriend was there picking up his belongings. The man became aggressive with the woman, head-butting and choking her. The woman was able to retrieve a handgun and fired on her attacker, killing him.

KTRK-TV Channel 13, Houston


Minnesota Drivers Fight Off Marauders

Two St. Paul motorists were accosted one night by armed men who approached them and opened fire. Both motorists had carry permits and returned fire, driving off their attackers. No one was injured in the exchange. This was one of three violent incidents in one night that wounded seven people and involved more than 150 rounds fired.


Massachusetts Man Intervenes in Armed Robbery

A Franklin Park woman was being strangled in a robbery attempt late one afternoon. A bystander, licensed to carry in Massachusetts, saw what was going on and tried to stop the robbery. When the robber turned his attention to the good Samaritan, the man fired a shot, deterring the robber and causing him to flee. Police later arrested the robber and charged him with aggravated assault.

WHDH-TV Channel 7, Boston