A Cut Above: Connecticut Homeowner Chases Away Machete-Wielding Intruder

A Fairfield man was awakened at about 3 a.m. by his barking dogs. Taking up a gun to investigate, the homeowner confronted an unknown man clutching a machete in the residence. The intruder fled on seeing the resident was armed.


Oregon Man Defends Against Trespassing Shooter

A Wolf Creek homeowner was investigating someone shooting on his property. When the homeowner confronted the shooter, he was fired upon by the trespasser. The homeowner returned fire, killing the intruder. Responding police determined the homeowner fired in self-defense. No charges are expected.

KDRV-TV Channel 12, Medford, Oregon

Illinois Father Fights Off Armed Intruders

When an Arlington Heights homeowner answered his doorbell, two armed men forced their way inside. The homeowner fought both men, forcing one outside the house. On re-entering the home, the owner saw the other robber holding his wife and children at gunpoint. Retrieving a gun from his gun safe, the embattled father shot the robber once in the abdomen, killing him.

Fox 6 News, Milwaukee

North Carolina Man Captures Early Morning Burglar

While leaving for work one morning, an Asheboro man found his two vehicles ransacked. Hearing noises coming from his garage, he retrieved a firearm and went to investigate. He then found a strange man in the front seat of one of his vehicles. He held the stranger at gunpoint until police arrived. The intruder was charged with multiple felonies.

Fox 8 WGHP, High Point, North Carolina

Kentucky Man Killed Breaking Into Ex’s House

A man with outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of domestic violence and robbery broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Lexington home and began shooting. Another person in the house took up a gun and returned fire, hitting the attacker and ending the threat. Police do not expect charges against the defending shooter, and the attacker died of his injuries.

WKYT.com, Lexington

Senior Texas Couple Defends Against Home Invader

A Fredericksburg couple were asleep around midnight when the 75-year-old male homeowner heard a noise that startled him. On investigation, he found an intruder on his patio. The stranger forced his way into the home and attacked the homeowner. The man’s 65-year-old fiancee, seeing her partner unresponsive after being placed in a chokehold, took up a pistol and shot the intruder in the head, ending the incident. The attacker later died of his injuries in the hospital.

KVUE-TV Channel 12, Austin

South Carolina Resident Defends Against Armed Attacker

Two men were arguing in the front yard of one of their Cherokee County homes when the homeowner asked the other man to leave. Rather than comply, the visitor drew a pistol and threatened the other man. The homeowner retrieved a rifle from his residence and again demanded the visitor leave. The visitor then fired on the home, which was occupied by several people. The homeowner returned fire. No one was injured in the exchange, though the home and a vehicle were struck. Responding police arrested the attacker for multiple felonies.

WSPA-TV Channel 7, Spartanburg, South Carolina

California Noise Dispute Leads to Death of Home Invader

Disturbed by noise in front of his home at 2:30 a.m., a Eureka homeowner went to his front porch and told the noisemakers to leave the area. Rather than peacefully comply, the partiers became hostile, confronted the resident and entered his property. The homeowner sprayed the intruders with pepper spray as he retreated into his house. When some of the group entered his home, the resident fired on them, killing one and inflicting a leg wound on another on the porch. Police determined the shooting was in self-defense.

The Mercury News, San Jose

Arkansas Citizens Apprehend Escaped Murder Suspect

A Des Arc man arrived to work when he noticed something amiss about an old car he was fixing up. On closer inspection, he realized a man was hiding in the vehicle’s back seat. On ordering the man out of the car, the citizen realized he had confronted a prison escapee who was charged with murder. He held the man at gunpoint for responding police, who took the escapee into custody without incident.

KATV Channel 7, Little Rock, Arizona

Elderly Florida Man Shoots Home Invader Attacking His Wife

A Panama City couple were at home at about 6 a.m. when a stranger approached the husband in the driveway, acting erratically and screaming for no apparent reason. The homeowner retreated, but the intruder began pounding on the door to the house, breaking it and forcing his way inside. The homeowner, in his 70s and realizing he could not physically confront the much younger intruder, rushed upstairs to retrieve a pistol. Coming back downstairs, he saw the intruder beating his wife and shot him, halting the attack. Arriving police pronounced the attacker dead at the scene.


Armed Oklahoma Citizen Stops Drive-By Shooting

A woman had an altercation with a Tulsa medical marijuana dispensary owner over vehicles blocking her access to the area. She drove away, but returned a few minutes later to open fire on customers standing outside. Fortunately, one of those people was a man with a concealed weapon permit, who drew his own pistol and shot the woman dead, ending what could have easily developed into a mass murder. The armed citizen was questioned by police and released without charges.

Tulsa World, Oklahoma