Fearing for his and his family’s safety, the homeowner took up a legally owned gun and fired on the burglar, killing him and stopping the crime.

Fearing for his and his family’s safety, the homeowner took up a legally owned gun and fired on the burglar, killing him and stopping the crime.

Kentucky Homeowner Defends Against 4 a.m. Burglary

A Louisville man investigating strange noises in his house found an unknown man in the act of breaking into the premises. Fearing for his and his family’s safety, the homeowner took up a legally owned gun and fired on the burglar, killing him and stopping the crime. A local criminal defense attorney, commenting to the press on the incident, observed that if the dead man was indeed trying to break into the residence, charges against the homeowner are unlikely.

WDRB.com, Louisville, Kentucky

South Carolina CCW Holders Defend Against Multiple Beauty Shop Robbers

Two Columbia men with CCWs were in a barbershop when two armed and masked men entered the shop and announced a robbery. When the robbers started taking money from victims in the shop, the two good guys drew pistols and fired on the robbers, killing one and putting the other to flight. No one else was injured in the exchange of gunfire. Police say the armed victims acted in self-defense.

WISTV NBC Channel 10, Columbia, South Carolina

Texas Store Clerk Stops Armed Robbery

When an armed man entered an Austin convenience store and tried to rob it, the alert clerk was able to retrieve a stashed handgun and fire on the would-be robber, putting him to flight and wounding the robber’s driver in a getaway vehicle waiting outside. Both men were arrested by responding police, who indicated the defending clerk was within his rights and would not be charged.

The Austin Statesman, Texas

Michigan CCW Holder Stops Knife Attack

When a valet parking supervisor in Warren heard a woman screaming nearby, he went to the trouble spot and found a woman being stabbed multiple times at a GM facility by another woman. The valet supervisor drew his legally carried pistol, pointed it at both women and held them for responding police, stopping the knife attack in the process. The stabbing victim was hospitalized in critical condition with multiple stab wounds. The valet employee’s supervisors promptly fired him for carrying a pistol during work hours in violation of his employment agreement, a decision that was quickly overturned by higher-ups in the company.

Detroit Free Press, Detroit

Michigan Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

Hearing noises just before midnight outside a bedroom window, a Pontiac homeowner took up a .45-caliber pistol when he went to investigate. Seeing an unknown man trying to enter his residence through a window, he fired on the invader, causing the man to retreat through the window. Responding police found the intruder on the ground below the window with a bullet wound to the chest. The burglar later died from his wound. Police are investigating the incident as a self-defense shooting of a home invader.

MichiganLive.com, Detroit

CA Homeowner Shoots Burglar

Hearing strange noises at the front of his house, an Ontario homeowner found an unknown intruder breaking into his home through the front door. Taking up a nearby gun, the homeowner attempted to stop the home invasion, shooting and killing the burglar in the process. The burglar died at the scene. The homeowner was not arrested by police, who acknowledged the homeowner’s defense of his person and home.

ABC Eyewitness News Channel 7, Los Angeles

Florida Store Clerk Foils Armed Robbery

Seeing a man entering his store with a bandana mask over his face and fearing a robbery, a Pensacola store clerk ordered the man to remove his mask. Rather than comply, the man went behind a counter, drew a gun and announced a robbery. The clerk drew his own gun and fired on the robber, hitting him in the neck and putting him to flight. The robber was later apprehended by investigating police and arrested on multiple charges. Only then was the robber’s gun found to be fake. Police are not charging the defending store clerk.

NorthEscambia.com, Walnut Hill, Florida

North Carolina Woman Returns Home to Find Home Invaded

A St. Pauls woman left her house mid-morning to run an errand. On returning home, she found a strange car in her driveway. Carefully entering the home with a legally owned pistol in her hand, she encountered an unknown male with some of her property in his hands. Fearing for her life, she fired on the intruder, killing him and ending the incident. Responding police determined that the homeowner acted in self-defense.

Fox Channel 8-TV, High Point, North Carolina

Washington State Homeowner Fights Off Armed Attacker

While testing a wireless Internet connection from his front yard with a laptop, a Mount Vernon man noticed a car drive slowly down the street in front of him. The car stopped a short way down the street and a man got out of the car and walked toward him. As the stranger approached, the homeowner noticed a shotgun in the stranger’s hands. When the armed stranger refused a loud verbal order to stop his approach, the homeowner, who now feared for his life, drew his legally carried pistol and fired on the armed stranger, putting him to flight. Police later found the stranger with a gunshot wound to the chest, of which he died after being transported for treatment to a nearby hospital. Police are treating the shooting as self-defense.

KOMONews.com, Seattle

New York Homeowner Foils Home Invasion

On returning from an outing, a Long Island man found his home had been invaded by two armed men who were in the process of robbing two women, a man and three children, whom the robbers had forced into an upstairs bedroom. Taking up a semi-automatic rifle he kept in the house, the homeowner confronted the robbers, who fired on him but missed as they fled the scene. No one was injured in the incident.

WNBC-TV Channel 4, New York