Nike Shoe Dispute: Maryland Man Defends Against Armed Robber

A man agreed to sell an expensive pair of shoes to someone he met online. He met the customer at a well-known mall parking lot in Rosedale, where the buyer pulled a gun and tried to rob him. The seller drew his own gun and shot the robber once in the chest. Responding authorities transported the wounded robber to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Once the police investigation report on the incident is concluded, it will be reviewed by the Baltimore County State’s Attorney.

WJZ-TV Channel 13, Baltimore, Maryland


Armed Upstate New York Neighbor Fights off Burglars

Several burglars kicked in the front door of a Yorkville residence during the early morning hours. Hearing the commotion, a neighbor in the adjoining duplex unit took up a rifle and intervened, firing on the intruders. One of the burglars responded by returning fire. A woman visiting the house at the time suffered a non-life-threatening wound in the exchange of gunfire. The burglars eventually fled the scene.

WKTV-Channel 2, Utica, New York


Armed Alabama Citizen Captures Double-Murder Suspect

An Alexander City man was driving when he recognized a fugitive wanted by police for the double murder of a 40-year-old woman and her 18-year-old son. The man notified law enforcement, then stopped and held the fugitive at gunpoint until police arrived and took the suspect into custody.

WSFA-TV Channel 12, Montgomery, Alabama


Louisiana Resident Kills Home Invaders

A Lacombe man was at home with his family when four armed men broke into his residence. The homeowner grabbed a handgun and fired on the intruders. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, two of the intruders were killed and the other two were wounded. The homeowner’s 4-year-old daughter was injured but is expected to make a full recovery. The homeowner is not facing charges, while the surviving assailants are facing felony murder charges., New Orleans


Nevada Car Dealership Employee Shoots Burglar

A Las Vegas used-car-dealership employee was at the shop one evening when a man attempted to force his way into the building. When the employee confronted the man, the invader knocked him down, causing him to hit his head on the ground. The employee drew a pistol and fired on the intruder, fatally wounding him. Police said the shooting appeared to be in self-defense.

KSNV-TV Channel 3, Las Vegas


Arkansas Paramedic Defends Against Armed Assailant

Two Little Rock paramedics were treating a young woman for injuries sustained in a domestic assault when the woman’s boyfriend — and assailant — approached the ambulance. The boyfriend got into an argument with one of the paramedics, then drew a gun and shot both of them. One paramedic was armed and returned fire, killing the boyfriend. Both paramedics and the female victim were treated at a local hospital. The paramedics required surgery but were in stable condition.

KATV-TV Channel 3, Little Rock, Arkansas


Pennsylvania Man Shoots Friend at Gun Range, is then Killed by Bystander

A Green Township man was at an indoor gun range with his girlfriend and another couple when he inexplicably shot his male companion. Seeing the assault occur, another shooter at a nearby lane fired on the attacker, killing him and ending the incident. Investigators were unable to find a motive for the attack, which is being reviewed by Erie County prosecutors. The male victim was treated at a hospital for several gunshot wounds and then released.

KDKA-TV Channel 2, Pittsburgh


Illinois Man Stops Armed Robbery

An armed man walked into a Chicago cellphone store at roughly 7 p.m. and announced a robbery. Fortunately for the store, an employee on duty that day was both a concealed carry permit holder and armed. The employee drew his pistol and shot the robber in the chest and stomach, ending the incident. The robber later died of his wounds.


Texas Homeowner Defends Wife and Three Children

Three armed men forced their way into a woman’s home one night as she entered her residence. Once inside, the intruders held the woman and her three children at gunpoint and demanded property. The male homeowner was in an adjoining room and, hearing what was going on, took up a rifle and confronted the intruders. He fired on them, killing one and driving the other two off.

Port Arthur News, Texas


Missouri Woman Foils Teens’ Carjacking Attempt

A Wentzville woman was in a parking lot at about 7:30 a.m. when she was approached by four young men, one of whom pointed a gun at her and demanded her vehicle. The woman drew her own gun and ordered the youths to leave. All four complied. Responding police later arrested the perpetrators — a 17-year-old, two 15-year-olds and an 11-year-old. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

KTVI Fox2, St. Louis


Florida Octogenarian Defends Against Carjackers

A Pensacola man was outside locking up his car when two men demanded his vehicle at gunpoint. Rather than comply, the would-be victim drew his own legally carried pistol and fired on the robbers, striking one — a 15-year-old boy — near the heart and putting the second to flight. Police referred to the incident as a “stand your ground” case and said that the shooter will not be charged.

WEAR-TV Channel 3, Pensacola, Florida