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True Stories — May/June 2020


Chain Saw Surprise: Septuagenarian Texas Vet Defends Against Armed Burglars

A 79-year-old Crosby gun store owner and U.S. Army veteran was awakened at about 4:40 a.m. by the sounds of the front door of his store being forcibly removed. Taking a gun to investigate outside, he was immediately fired on by the burglars. The owner promptly took cover and returned fire, fatally wounding one burglar and driving the remainder away. It turns out the burglars used a chain saw and their car to remove the gun shop door. The wounded burglar was found dying by his car about 10 miles from the scene, along with suspects from the burglary and some guns believed to have been stolen from the store.

KPRC-TV Channel 2, Houston

Michigan Homeowner Stops Burglary

A Detroit homeowner was awakened by a disturbance at about 1 in the morning. On investigating, he encountered a strange man trying to break into his residence through the back door. The homeowner fired a single shot at the burglar, hitting him and driving him off. The suspect was later apprehended by police and is expected to recover.

The Detroit News, Michigan

Texas Homeowner Kills Three Burglars in Shootout

A Channelview man took up a shotgun when multiple armed men invaded his home at about 10 a.m. The ensuing gunfight left the homeowner wounded and three of the invaders dead at the scene. Local police are continuing their investigation of the incident.

KHOU-TV Channel 11, Houston

California Store Owner Outshoots Three Armed and Masked Robbers

A Fresno store owner was outside his smoke and vape shop around 9:30 p.m. when three masked and armed men entered and demanded money from the cashier. Seeing what was going on, the owner drew a pistol and went into the store to confront the departing robbers. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, two of the robbers were fatally wounded, and the third robber fled the scene. No one else was injured, and the store owner is not expected to face charges.

ABC 30 Action News, Fresno, California

Pennsylvania FedEx Driver Foils Armed Robbery

A Philadelphia FedEx driver was finishing a package delivery at approximately 7 p.m. when an armed man robbed him at gunpoint and shot him in the abdomen. The driver then drew his own pistol and returned fire, shooting his attacker in the chest, back and torso. The robber was apprehended nearby a short time later and died of his wounds in the hospital. The FedEx driver was reported in stable condition. When asked about its drivers and any firearms policies, FedEx said it is “not at liberty to disclose details of […] internal policies.”

KYW-TV Channel 3, Philadelphia

Texas Car Wash Owner Defends Against Baseball Bat Attack

A San Antonio car wash owner was at his business when he got into an argument with a relative. The argument escalated, and the relative attacked him with a baseball bat. The owner drew a pistol in self-defense and fired on his attacker, fatally wounding him. The victim was hospitalized for the injuries from the baseball bat attack. Charges are not expected to be filed against the owner of the car wash.

KSAT-TV Channel 12, San Antonio

Illinois Mother Shoots Child’s Father

A Decatur woman was in her car when the father of their child accosted and attacked her, beating her on the head. Fearing for her life since she had a cerebral shunt, the woman drew a pistol and fired on the father. She non-fatally wounded him and stopped the attack. Responding police arrested the mother for carrying the pistol without a concealed carry permit, but she was not arrested for the shooting, which officers deemed to be self-defense.

WICS-TV Channel 20, Springfield, Illinois

Washington State Gun Carrier Stops Man Throwing Concrete at Cars

An Everett licensed gun carrier saw a man throwing concrete, pipes and other heavy items at cars passing by on a busy interstate. Pulling off the roadway and seeing the man — in an agitated state and holding a piece of metal in his hand — the good Samaritan drew his pistol and ordered the assailant to the ground. After a brief tussle, the concealed carrier and his father were able to hold the offender for responding police, who arrested him without incident. Police reported having problems with him in the past with drug-related and mental health issues.

KOMO-TV Channel 4, Seattle

New York State Man Retrieves Shotgun, Stops Home Invasion

A Genesee County man responded to a knock on his door one night only to be met by an armed man who demanded entry and money on threat of death. As the armed invader was herding the home’s occupants to the basement, where the homeowner feared he and his wife would be executed, the homeowner was able to get to a loaded shotgun and shoot the intruder in the hip, then hold him for responding police who arrived 15 minutes after being called. The Genesee couple was uninjured in the incident.

WGRZ-TV, Channel 2, Buffalo, New York

Disabled Florida Man Fights Off Masked Female Assailant

A Port Charlotte man was at home one evening with a female companion when a loud banging commenced on his front door. Taking up a .45 pistol when he answered the door, the homeowner encountered a masked person, who barged into the home and assaulted him. The homeowner, a retired and disabled firefighter from the FDNY, tried — ineffectively — to pistol-whip the assailant. After he was gouged in the eyes, and fearing for his life, the victim fired a single shot at his attacker. In the struggle, the mask came off the attacker, and the victim recognized a friend of the woman who was staying with him. The wounded assailant was arrested when she sought medical attention for her bullet wound, which entered her stomach area and exited the top of her left buttock.

WINK-TV Channel 4, Ft. Meyers, Florida

Armed North Carolina Homeowner Scares Off Ax-Wielding Daylight Burglar

A Burlington man heard noises at his back door around 1 a.m. On further examination, he found a strange man had picked up an ax from the backyard and used it to attempt a break-in. On seeing the resident’s shotgun, the would-be burglar fled. He was later apprehended by police.

WRAL-TV Channel 5, Raleigh, North Carolina

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