Bad Breaks: Washington State Gun Store Robbery Foiled By Armed Clerk

A man entered a Bellingham gun store, produced a hammer and tried several times to break the glass of a gun case. When he failed, the assailant jumped the counter and attempted to access the guns from the back of the case. Seeing what was happening, a store clerk licensed to carry a concealed pistol fired on the intruder, hitting him once in the chest and ending the incident.

The Bellingham Herald, Washington


Georgia Pizza Store Employee Stops Armed Robbery

An armed man entered a Macon pizza store and threatened to shoot if he wasn’t given money. The robber then went to the restroom, leaving the employees unattended. That’s when a store employee grabbed his pistol and held the robber at gunpoint until responding police arrived. No shots were fired. The robber was arrested on multiple felony charges.

WGXA-TV Channel 24, Macon, Georgia


Florida Man Fights off Armed Attacker

A North Miami Beach man tried to start a fight with a phone repair shop employee, but the would-be victim refused to engage, even when the assailant displayed a firearm. The assailant left but then returned in a vehicle and stopped in the roadway in front of the victim and his store. Fearing for his life, the employee drew his own legally carried pistol and shot at the assailant’s vehicle, causing him to flee. Police later arrested the assailant at his home and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. No one was injured in the incident.

WSVN-TV Channel 7, Miami


Ohio Lyft Driver Fired for Defending Against Assault

A Cleveland Lyft driver was assaulted at around 1 a.m. by two of her passengers. One of them choked her from the back seat, and the other punched her repeatedly in the face from the front passenger seat. Fortunately for the driver, she was able to get her legally carried pistol from the center console and fire on the attackers. Both fled the scene, leaving behind the cellphone they tried to steal from her. Lyft promptly fired the driver for violating its “zero tolerance” policy for firearms. The company stood by its policy when asked for comment by a reporter.

WOIO-TV Channel 19, Shaker Heights, Ohio


California Armed Neighbor Stops Kidnapping

A Sausalito woman answered a knock on her door from her brother asking her to come outside to talk to her father. Once outside, she was accosted by her ex-boyfriend, who had planned, with her brother and father, to kidnap her. Her ex-boyfriend attempted to force her into a vehicle. The ensuing commotion alerted a male resident to the threat, and he took up a pistol and fired a shot, causing the kidnappers to release the woman and flee in a waiting car. The assailants were caught by responding police as they fled the scene and were arrested on multiple charges. No one was harmed in the incident.

KPIX-TV Channel 5, San Francisco


Mississippi Woman Kills Abusive Boyfriend

A Quitman County woman shot her estranged boyfriend after he tried to force his way into her home. Fearing for her life after previously enduring a 10-hour attack that left her hospitalized, she took up a deer rifle and fatally shot the man. Police said the shooting was justified.

WREG-TV Channel 3, Memphis


Texas Good Samaritan Holds Knife-Wielding Man for Police

An argument turned violent in a Kerrville restaurant, and one of the fighters pulled a knife and stabbed a man, causing a witness in the restaurant to retrieve a pistol from his car. He returned and held the assailant at gunpoint until police arrived. Kerrville Police thanked the armed citizen for his “heroic actions to stop the assault.”

Hill Country Community Journal, Kerrville, Texas


Florida Father Shoots Daughter’s Attacker

Hearing their daughter screaming outside their Daytona Beach home, two parents went out to find their daughter being beaten by her boyfriend. After trying unsuccessfully to stop the attack, her father fired a warning shot into the ground to frighten the boyfriend. He stopped beating his girlfriend but instead directed his attack against her mother. That’s when the father fired a single shot at the attacker, critically wounding him and ending the incident. No charges have been filed against the father, but charges are pending against the abusive boyfriend., Florida


Domestic Attacker Killed in Michigan Home Invasion

A Harrison Township woman called 911 to report that her ex-boyfriend was trying to break into her home. By the time police arrived, another man in the home had fatally shot the intruder in the head, killing him and ending the incident. The defending shooter had not been charged as the investigation continues.

WDIV-TV Channel 4, Detroit


Oklahoma Man Shoots Stepfather After Mother, Brother Assaulted

Upset that his wife had been talking to other men, a Ponca City man tied her up and beat her with a baseball bat. Her teenage son tried to defend her but was beaten by his stepfather with the bat and then stabbed in the shoulder and neck. An older brother arrived after the attack and took his brother to a nearby hospital for treatment. On returning to the home to check on his mother, the older son encountered his stepfather. A violent argument ensued, at which point he shot his stepfather. Police are not charging him, but the stepfather will face multiple felony charges.

KOTV Channel 6, Tulsa