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True Stories — July 2020


When the Smoke Clears: Texas Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Barbecue Robbery

A Dallas man was at a late-night barbecue when several armed men attempted a hold-up on the house party. The legally armed guest drew his own pistol and fired on the robbers, fatally wounding one and causing the other two to flee.

KDFW Fox 4 News, Dallas

California Homeowner Defends Against Ex

A woman brought her new lover along to visit her ex-boyfriend, a Dublin man, saying she wanted some of her stuff back. Things turned ugly when the pair threatened the homeowner with a gun. The homeowner drew his own legal gun and fired on his attackers as he fled from them, killing the ex-girlfriend and wounding her companion. Investigating police determined the homeowner acted in self-defense.

KRON4, San Francisco

Disturbed Ohio Man Shot in Home Invasion

A Columbus homeowner awoke in the middle of the night to an unknown man forcibly entering his home with a baseball bat. Fearing for his life, the homeowner shot the intruder several times, fatally wounding him. The man had been seen just before the break-in in an agitated state, walking down the street breaking windows on homes and cars with the bat., Louisville, Kentucky

Mississippi Burglar Picks Wrong Time for His Crime

A Pascagoula man returned home from work mid-morning to find a burglar in his home. When the burglar tried to draw a gun on him, the homeowner drew his own pistol and fatally shot his attacker, ending the incident. The homeowner is not expected to face charges.

The Daily Mail, London, England

Oklahoma Man Wounds Home Invader

A Tulsa man was at home around 3 a.m. when he was roused by a man demanding to speak to his fiancee. Despite being told he had the wrong house, the man proceeded to break into the family car, then kicked in the back door of the residence. The homeowner’s son had taken up a firearm and warned the intruder several times that he would shoot him. When the intruder persisted, the son shot him once in the stomach, driving him away. The intruder was later arrested by police.

KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Pennsylvania Father Kills Intruder to Protect Family

A Pittsburgh man was at home with his girlfriend and their infant son when an armed intruder attempted to rob them. The father took up his own pistol to shoot the robber, killing him.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh

Washington State Road Rage Incident Leaves One Dead

A DuPont man was driving his truck erratically along a backed-up stretch of windy, two-lane road in Pierce County. When he started passing cars in the opposing traffic lane, another driver sounded his horn in warning. The truck driver then stopped his vehicle and approached the honking car, pointing a handgun at it. A passenger in the threatened car was also armed and drew his pistol in self-defense. An altercation ensued, and the truck driver was fatally shot. Investigating officers did not charge the shooter, who was deemed to be acting in defense of himself and others.

KIRO Radio, Seattle

Indiana Man Fights Off Armed and Masked Intruders

A Danville man was at home one Sunday evening at about 8:30 when two men, armed and wearing ski masks, forced their way through the front door and into his home, demanding money. The homeowner was able to take up a pistol and fire on the robbers, fatally wounding one and putting the other to flight. The homeowner was unharmed in the incident.

WAND-TV, Decatur, Illinois

Michigan Man Defends Against Early Morning Armed Robbery

A Warren man was returning home from a show in Detroit at about 3 a.m. when an armed man ran up to him as he approached his home. The homeowner, a concealed carry permit holder, drew his handgun and fired on his assailant, who returned fire. The robber was wounded in the arm and leg and fled the scene, only to be captured by police a short time later. The victim was unhurt in the exchange of gunfire.

FOX 2 Detroit, Southfield, Michigan

Texas 13-Year-Old Shoots Grandmother’s Assailant

A 13-year-old in Brown County saw his grandmother being assaulted by a man who had previously threatened several other family members. Fearing for his grandmother’s life, the teen boy took up a .30-caliber rifle and shot her assailant in the lower back, stopping the incident. Charges are not expected to be filed against the teen.

Abilene Reporter-News, Abilene, Texas

Michigan Woman Defends Against Nighttime Burglar

A woman heard noises indicating a break-in at her west-side Detroit home around 12:30 a.m. Taking up a firearm, she went to investigate and found a young man trying to enter her apartment. The woman shot at the invader, wounding him and driving him off. Neighbors commented to the press that the area is not a safe one, with gunfire often heard up and down the neighborhood.

Florida Lyft Driver Wards Off Knife-Wielding Passenger

A Cape Coral Lyft driver had a passenger pull a knife on him and dictate driving instructions. Fearing for his life, the driver demanded the passenger leave the vehicle. When the driver’s order was ignored, the driver drew his pistol, and the subject complied. The driver then left the area and called police, who were able to arrest the subject sometime later. No word from the Lyft corporation on whether the driver will face disciplinary action for possessing the firearm to defend himself while on-duty, which is banned by the company.

WINK News, Ft. Myers, Florida

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