Two Dimes & A Penny: Mississippi Man Arrested After Walmart Dispute Over 21 Cents

A Natchez man grew upset when he was shorted 21 cents at a Walmart checkout. A nearby good Samaritan, seeing the exchange, offered to give the man the pennies in question, but when they got outside the store, the aggrieved man pulled a knife on the other man. The good Samaritan drew a pistol in response, but a woman accompanying the aggrieved man drew her own gun and pointed it at the defender. That’s when the good Samaritan fired on the woman. The injured woman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, while her companion was forcibly subdued by police and charged with three counts of aggravated assault on police due to his kicking and punching three arresting officers as well as reaching for his knife as he was taken into custody. The defender cooperated fully with police.

WLBT-TV Channel 3, Jackson, Mississippi


New York Man Shoots Armed Burglar

A Town of Nichols man was at home when he was confronted by an intruder. The homeowner armed himself with a shotgun and subdued the invader but was unable to call police due to poor cell service. He ordered the burglar to a neighbor’s house at gunpoint so he could phone the police from there. On the way over, the burglar managed to retrieve a pistol from his car and pointed it at the homeowner, who fired one round from his shotgun, fatally injuring the burglar. A loaded revolver was found at the scene. No charges were filed against the defending shooter at the time.

Star Gazette, Elmira, New York


Virginia Woman Shoots Masked, Armed Man During Burglary Attempt

A Woodbridge woman was leaving her home to walk her dog when a masked man accosted her at gunpoint. Seeing the gun in the masked man’s hand, the woman drew her own gun and shot him several times, ending the incident. The man died at a nearby hospital where responding authorities had transported him. The commonwealth attorney determined the shooting to be justifiable self-defense.

WUSA-TV Channel 9, Washington, D.C.


West Virginia Woman Defends Against Domestic Assault

A Weston woman was attacked in her home by her boyfriend. He assaulted her and threatened to kill her. The woman was able to take a pistol from her pocket and shoot her boyfriend once in the chest, wounding him and ending the attack. Her attempts to render aid to the wounded man were unsuccessful, and he died at the scene.

WBOY-TV Channel 12, Clarksburg, West Virginia


Florida Homeowner Stops Deranged Trespasser

A Fruitland Park homeowner was enjoying his Saturday afternoon when he saw a strange man enter his screened-in pool. The intruder told the homeowner he wanted a glass of water. Suspicious of the man’s intentions, the homeowner took up a .357 Magnum pistol and ordered the intruder to leave. Rather than comply, the man tore a hole in the screen and jumped in the pool. Police responding to the homeowner’s call took the offender into custody, but not before he resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer.


Florida Woman Fights Off Armed Robbers

A Sebring woman was sitting in her car in a parking lot one day when four men, one armed with a pistol, accosted her and demanded her keys, purse and cellphone. The woman drew a pistol and fired on the intruders, driving them off. Investigating police say no one was struck by the shots, and they are still seeking the robbers, who are suspected in a series of similar incidents in the area.

WFLA-TV Channel 8, Tampa, Florida


Georgia Husband Defends Wife Against Attacker

A Macon woman was involved in an argument with a man. It turned violent when the man struck the woman several times in the head with a hammer. Seeing his wife violently attacked, the woman’s husband drew a gun and shot the assailant, killing him.

The Telegraph, Macon, Georgia


Kentucky Girl Asks for Dad’s Help by Cellphone During Burglary

A 10-year-old Bardstown girl was at home with her grandmother and 6-yearold brother when a strange man entered the house. The girl hid in a closet and called her father at work by cellphone. Realizing the danger, the father rushed home, keeping contact with his daughter until they lost cell signal. Arriving home, he retrieved a shotgun and searched the house, finding the intruder in the basement den drinking a beer. The father ordered the man out of the house, but rather than comply, the man threatened the homeowner and charged at him. The father knocked the intruder unconscious with a blow to the head from the shotgun and summoned police, who arrested the assailant on felony burglary charges. The father’s family had exited the home and sought shelter with a neighbor.

The Kentucky Standard, Bardstown, Kentucky


Texas Residents Fight Off Armed Robbers

Two armed men entered an Austin home and started to rob the four residents at gunpoint. One of the residents opened fire on the robbers, who returned fire. One of the robbers was hit in the exchange, causing both to flee. The wounded robber was arrested after he sought medical attention and remains in serious condition. The defending resident is cooperating with police and has not been charged.

KENS-TV Channel 5, San Antonio


Missouri Man Defends Against Car Thieves

A Eureka man found a man going through his car at 1 a.m. The suspect fled after being discovered, but turned as he was running and shot at the car owner, who returned fire. No one was injured in the exchange of bullets. Police think several thieves were involved in the incident and suspect they committed a rash of similar thefts.

KMOV-TV Channel 4, St. Louis


Utah Homeowner Stops Daylight Burglary

A Provo homeowner out for a morning run returned to find a strange man going through the cars in his garage. Confronting the thief, the homeowner was able to get him in a headlock and called for his son to retrieve a firearm to hold the thief for police. Responding police found several stolen items on the thief and in the truck he was trying to steal. He was charged with multiple felonies.

Daily Herald, Provo, Utah