Not Caught Napping: Texas Homeowner Foils Daylight Burglary

A Webberville man was putting his three children down for a nap when he noticed a strange car stop in front of his home. When he saw a young man get out of the car and head for the back of it, he realized there was a problem. Taking up a gun, he found the stranger halfway through a rear window. Warned by the homeowner that he “needed to leave before I open fire,” the intruder quickly backed away and returned to two waiting friends in the vehicle. Responding police captured the trio nearby a short time later and charged them with second-degree felony burglary.

KXAN-TV, Austin, Texas

Mississippi Homeowner Defends Against Nighttime Burglar

A Biloxi homeowner heard unusual noises around 1 a.m. Retrieving a gun, the homeowner investigated the sounds and discovered a stranger in the act of breaking into the home. In the ensuing confrontation, the homeowner shot the invader, who died at the scene of his wounds. No charges have been filed at this time.

WPMI NBC 15 News, Mobile, Alabama

Texas Man Captures Prowler

When sounds of a break-in awoke a sleeping child, the girl called for her mother. The fearful mother alerted her son, who lived nearby. On arriving at his mother’s El Paso home, the son spotted a man leaving by an upstairs window. He held the man at gunpoint for responding police, who arrested the intruder on burglary charges.

El Paso Times, Texas

Colorado Man Fights Off Aggressors

A Pueblo man was at home late one night when three men entered and started a fight. One of the home’s occupants drew a pistol and fired on the intruders, driving them off. Police later captured one of the assailants at a local hospital when he sought medical treatment for two non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Police are still investigating the incident at this time., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Georgia Mom Defends Son Against Robbers

A 16-year-old Dallas teen had agreed to a meet-up at a store parking lot to buy a cellphone he saw advertised online. When he arrived at the store, three men met him, but without the phone. Instead, the men showed the teen the other phones they had for sale, but he wasn’t interested. The three men attacked the teen, beating and robbing him. Fortunately, and unbeknownst to the robbers, the teen’s mother was watching from a nearby truck. Seeing her son being assaulted, she drew her legally carried pistol and fired on the robbers, who quickly freed her son and fled the scene. Responding police said the mother did what she was legally allowed to do.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Nevada Man Foils Home Invasion

A Pahrump man fired multiple shots at several men trying to break into his home. At least one of the burglars was wounded by the homeowner’s volley, which drove off all of the invaders. Police are continuing their investigation and search for the suspects.

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

Oregon Armed Citizen Stops Deadly Domestic Assault

When a Klamath Falls armed citizen saw a man shooting at a vehicle with someone inside, he intervened. He drew his legally carried pistol and fired on the assailant, wounding him in the shoulder and leg and ending the attack. Police investigating the incident determined the assailant was shooting at his girlfriend, who was unhurt in the assault.

KDR NewsWatch 12, Medford, Oregon

Virginia Man Fights Back Against Ax-Wielding Father

A Jonesville man was forced to shoot his father. It happened when his father, who was drunk and had a history of abusive behavior, threatened him and other family members with an ax. When the father swung his ax toward the son, the younger man shot and wounded him, ending the incident.

WJHL News Channel 11, Johnson City, Tennessee

Ohio Woman Uses AR-15 to Defend Against Assault

After their relationship ended, a man came to a Youngstown woman’s home to retrieve some personal items. An argument resulted, and the man, declaring he was going to “mess things up,” drew a pistol and fired on the woman. She retreated to her home and took up an AR-15 rifle, intending to defend herself and her children. The man fired on her again, and the woman returned fire several times, wounding her assailant and driving him off. The victim and her children were unharmed in the incident., Youngstown, Ohio

South Carolina Citizen Stops Waffle House Robbery

Two armed men walked into a Columbia Waffle House restaurant at about midnight and demanded the cook empty the cash register’s drawers. An armed customer noticed the robbery in progress, drew his own legal pistol and confronted the robbers. No one was injured in the ensuing exchange of gunfire, and the robbers fled the scene without any money. The robbers were later apprehended by police.

WLTX News19, Columbia, South Carolina

Retired New York Cop Shoots Mugger

In a classic failure of victim selection, a mugger targeted a retired NYPD cop to rob. After he confronted her outside of her Bronx residence and she refused to hand over her money, the mugger chased the former cop inside her home. The mugger assaulted her several times with a cable box until she took up her .38 Special revolver and shot him in the leg. She then held her assailant at gunpoint until the police arrived.

New York Post

Iowa Homeowner Stops Nighttime Burglar

A Palo man awoke about 3 a.m. to the sound of breaking glass. Upon investigating, he found a strange man had broken a window near his front door and entered his home. The intruder threatened him, whereupon the homeowner used the pistol he was carrying to shoot and fatally wound the intruder. The subsequent investigation revealed a string of window-breakings in the area that night by the same suspect., Waterloo, Iowa