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True Stories — January 2020


Eyes on the Road: Tennessee Uber Driver Defends Against Armed Assailant

A Nashville Uber driver defended himself and his passenger when a man opened fire on his vehicle from a distance of about 10 feet. The assailant was after the Uber passenger, who the shooter felt had “disrespected” him earlier in a liquor store. The driver and his passenger were unhurt in the incident, but the assailant was wounded in the chest and arm. He was later arrested when he sought medical treatment at a local hospital.

South Carolina Man Shoots Drunk and Dangerous Trespasser

Hearing unusual noises outside of his home about midnight, a Summerville man investigated after asking a neighbor to summon police to deal with a trespasser. He saw a strange man go behind his mother’s house. The resident approached the trespasser, who attacked. When a warning shot failed to dissuade the attacker, the resident fired, hitting him several times and stopping the attack. The wounded prowler was found to be drunk and will face criminal trespass charges upon his release from the hospital. Investigating police determined the shooting to be justified self-defense.

WCSC-TV Channel 5, Charleston, South Carolina

Kentucky Homeowner Stops Late-Night Car Thief

A Danville man was awakened about 4 a.m. when his gate intercom rang. Upon investigation, he found robbers stealing two of his vehicles. The homeowner held one suspect at gunpoint for responding police. The stranger faces charges of grand theft, criminal mischief, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police described the homeowner as being “rightfully and lawfully armed.”

WKYT-TV, Lexington, Kentucky

Arizona Retired Military Cop Thwarts Home Invader

A retired military policeman living in Phoenix was awakened one night by a strange man staring at him from the foot of his bed. Quickly realizing the man did not belong there, the homeowner took up a pistol he always keeps close at hand, focused its laser sight on the intruder and ordered him to leave, which he promptly did. The intruder then entered a nearby home and sexually assaulted a woman in her bed before being fought off and forced to leave. The rapist was apprehended by responding police while attempting to climb onto the roof of a third house in the neighborhood.

Florida Pastor Stops Burglary in Progress

A Tampa pastor and one of his deacons responded to their church’s alarm to find a man had used a brick to break into the church. He was stealing electronic equipment from the premises. The church duo was able to hold the burglar at gunpoint for responding police.

WTVT Channel 13, Tampa, Florida

California Son Kills Home Invader Attacking Father

A San Diego homeowner heard noises in his residence late one night. He investigated the ruckus and encountered an intruder. The burglar attacked him with a knife, cutting him multiple times. Hearing the commotion, the homeowner’s son retrieved one of his father’s pistols and shot the attacker, driving him off and fatally wounding him. Responding police found the burglar dead in the homeowner’s pool, where he had collapsed from his injuries.

Tennessee Man Stops Burglary in Progress

Warned by a phone call from his mother’s caretaker who had heard strange noises in the home, a son rushed to the scene. He discovered an unknown woman armed with a knife in the basement. The son held the woman at gunpoint for responding police, who arrested her on burglary charges.

Independent Herald, Oneida, Tennessee

North Carolina Woman Slays Axe-Wielding Assailant

A High Point woman fatally shot a man who attacked her in her home with an axe at about 4 a.m. The man had committed several other assaults, including one that same day. The motive for the attack was unknown at press time.

Fox8, High Point, North Carolina

Kentucky Homeowner Scares off Burglar

A Prospect homeowner received an alert on his cellphone about a motion alarm on his residential property. Checking the app, the homeowner saw a strange man wearing a hoodie trying the handle of a side door to the residence. The homeowner grabbed a pistol and confronted the man, who then fled to a waiting car, which sped away. On alerting police of the incident, the homeowner learned that the individual had already been reported going through a car in the area. The homeowner believes that being confronted by an armed homeowner persuaded the intruder to abandon his criminal activity in the area.

WLKY-TV, Louisville, Kentucky

South Carolina Man Shoots Girlfriend’s Home-Invading Ex-Boyfriend

A Camden woman was at home with her children and current partner when her ex-boyfriend, against whom she had a restraining order, tried to force his way into the residence. The woman called 911, but the ex had left by the time police arrived. The culprit returned later and successfully forced entry into the home. The current boyfriend, who is licensed to carry a concealed pistol, shot the ex-boyfriend and ended the incident. Police say the current boyfriend will face no charges, citing the Tarheel State’s “stand your ground” law.

WIS-TV Channel 10, Columbia, South Carolina

Virginia Man Stops 7-Eleven Store Robbery

A concealed carry permit holder was in a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven store when two armed men entered the store and announced a robbery. As the robbers started taking money from the cash register, the armed citizen drew his pistol and shot both robbers, killing one and wounding the other. The robbers were believed to have been involved in several other robberies that same night.

WTKR-TV, Norfolk, Virginia

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