Something in the Air: Utah Bar Employee Stops Shooting Spree

A downtown Salt Lake City nightclub was the scene of a harrowing experience for all concerned. It started when a man left the club at about 1:30 a.m. and returned with a pistol, which he pointed at guests and then fired into the air. A club employee quickly retrieved his own pistol from his car and fatally shot the man. The scene intensified when other patrons who had fled the bar when the shooting started retrieved their own pistols and fired rounds into the air. Fortunately, responding police were able to take control of the situation without being forced to employ their own weapons — although two men were arrested during the investigation for interfering with police.

The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah


Montana Good Neighbor Saves Woman From Domestic Assault

A Billings woman was being pistol-whipped and strangled by her domestic partner during the early morning hours. Hearing screams, a man who lived nearby took up a gun to investigate. Seeing the assailant put a gun to the woman’s head, the neighbor fired on the man, fatally wounding him and ending the attack., Billings, Montana


North Dakota Homeowner Defends Against Burglar

When a Fargo man heard glass breaking in his home, he grabbed a shotgun and went to check it out. On finding a man in the process of entering through a broken window, he threatened to shoot the invader. A struggle ensued, and the homeowner ended up butt-stroking the burglar with the shotgun, causing him to flee. Responding police arrested the suspect upon finding him outside the home on their arrival., Fargo, North Dakota


Kansas Homeowner Stops Home Invader

A Great Bend family was at home when they were confronted by a strange man who had entered their residence. When the stranger attacked the family, one of the homeowners took up a firearm and shot the intruder, ending the incident. Responding police treated the suspect’s injuries, and he was eventually hospitalized in stable condition. At the time of print, no charges are pending against the homeowner., Wichita, Kansas


Michigan Man Defends Against Midnight Attack

A Grand Rapids man was attacked at about midnight while at a local park. Fearing for his life, he drew his pistol and fired once on his assailant, striking him in the chest and stopping the attack.

WOOD TV8, Grand Rapids, Michigan


New York Man Stops Daylight Home Invasion

An Elmira man was home with his girlfriend when two 17-year-old males forced their way into the apartment, brandished guns and started to make demands. The male victim was able to get to his own gun and fire on the intruders, wounding both and putting them to flight. One suspect has already been charged by responding police, and the other will likely face charges on his release from the hospital., Elmira, New York


Montana Man Defends Against Attack in His Own Home

A Kalispell man was attacked in his home one afternoon. Realizing his attacker was armed and intended to do him harm, the homeowner took up a firearm and fatally shot the intruder. After an investigation, responding police released the victim without charges.

Flathead Beacon, Kalispell, Montana


Florida Jeweler Foils Daylight Robbery

A Pembroke Pines jeweler was in his shop at a mall when two men entered the store. One began breaking counter glass cases while the other began grabbing jewelry from the cases. That’s when the jeweler drew his legally carried pistol and shot at the robbers, hitting both of them. The shooting caused panic in the shopping mall, but fortunately no one was harmed except for the two suspects. Police say the suspects will face felony charges after their release from the hospital., Pembroke Pines, Florida


Tennessee Man Stops Armed Carjackers

A doctor was at a Kroger gas station in an affluent area of Memphis at noon when several young men — at least one of them armed — tried to carjack his 2019 Mercedes-Benz SUV, valued at $147,000. During the commotion of the robbery attempt, the doctor was able to retrieve his own handgun and fire on the carjackers, killing one, wounding another and putting the remainder to flight. No one else was injured in the assault. There is no word at the present time whether the doctor will face charges, though the shooting appears to have been in self-defense.

Memphis Commercial Appeal, Tennessee


Maryland Man Kills Nighttime Home Invader

A Baltimore homeowner, hearing noises in his home at about 2 a.m., took a firearm with him when he went to investigate. Seeing an intruder who had broken into his home, the resident fired on the invader, killing him. Police are still investigating the incident., Philadelphia


California Homeowner Kills One Assailant, Wounds Another

A Pico Rivera homeowner heard a window break in the rear of his house at about 1 a.m. Taking up a pistol, he found an unknown man in the house. The homeowner fired on the intruder, wounding him and causing him to flee. On checking his back patio, the homeowner was confronted by another intruder. When the man reached toward his waistband, the homeowner shot and fatally wounded him. The wounded criminal and his driver were arrested when the pair sought medical attention at a hospital. No one else was injured in the incident, though other people were present in the house at the time.

KCAL Channel 29, Los Angeles


Iowa Citizen Fights Off Armed Duo In Robbery Attempt

Two armed teenage males approached a man on a Des Moines street early one morning and attempted to rob him. Unknown to the robbers, their victim was legally armed. He drew his pistol and fired on the two robbers, killing one and wounding the other. A police investigation found the shooting to be justified self-defense.

The Des Moines Register, Iowa

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