No Entry: Texas Woman Shoots Housebreaker

A San Antonio woman heard strange noises from the back of her home at about 2 a.m. Taking up a pistol, she went to investigate and found a man trying to enter through a window. She thrust the gun outside the window and warned the man off, but he tried to grab the pistol. In the ensuing struggle, the woman shot the man in the shoulder, ending the break-in. She later discovered the intruder to be her ex-boyfriend. There are no charges as police continue the investigation.

KVUE-TV, Austin, Texas

Texas Woman Fights Off Multiple Robbers

A Houston woman had just parked at about 2:30 one morning when five men approached her, surrounded her car and tried to rob her. Fortunately for her, she had a gun in her purse. She drew and fired on the men through the passenger window, wounding one and driving them all away. The victim said she got her firearm for just such emergencies but never thought she would have to use it.

Channel 13 Eyewitness News, Houston, Texas

Virginia Stepdaughter Foils Murder Plot

A 65-year-old Florida man drove to his estranged wife’s home in Virginia Beach, apparently in a plot to kill the woman. When he broke into the home, he attacked his stepdaughter with a large wrench. The stepdaughter drew a gun and shot the man in the spine, paralyzing him and ending the attack. Investigating police found several disguises, multiple garbage bags, zip ties, duct tape, several cellphones, a baton and a firearm in the assailant’s vehicle. Police also found a detailed plan he had made for killing his wife.

WTKR-TV Channel 3, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Oregon Man Stops Night-Time Burglary

A Sisters homeowner had his home broken into via a rear door. The homeowner, hearing noises, retrieved a rifle and confronted the burglar, driving him off. The burglar then went next door and rang the doorbell. The owner of that home ordered the stranger to leave and called police. The assailant had returned to the first home when he was arrested. No shots were fired in the incident.

The Bulletin, Bend, Oregon

Texas Woman Defends Against Break-In

A Cherokee County woman was at home one night when a man repeatedly banged on her doors and windows. The homeowner told the man to leave, and he retreated to the front yard. He then returned a second time, acting more aggressively. Fearing for her life, the woman armed herself and opened the door to once again order him off the property. That’s when the man allegedly threatened to kill her. As he approached her, she shot him twice, fatally wounding him. Cherokee County authorities said the woman was licensed to carry a pistol and that the evidence was consistent with the woman’s story. She was not charged.

The Muskogee Phoenix, Muskogee, Oklahoma

Rhode Island Man Defends Against Armed Robber

A Providence man was outside his home smoking when a robber put a gun to his head and demanded the contents of his pockets. Not satisfied with what he got, the robber forced the victim inside the home, where a fight ensued. In a positive turn of events, the victim was able to get to his own firearm and shoot the robber, causing him to flee. The assailant was arrested later at a local hospital when he sought out medical treatment for his gunshot wounds. The victim was not charged in the shooting.

WPRI-TV Channel 12, Providence, Rhode Island

Georgia Man Uses AR-15 to Fight Off Armed and Masked Assailants

A Rockdale County man was at home when three armed and masked men confronted and demanded money from three of his neighbors. When one of the robbers fired on the group, a resident retrieved an AR-15 and fired on the trio of robbers, killing one outright and fatally wounding the other two. The masked robbers turned out to be juveniles — one aged 15 and two aged 16.

WXIN-TV Channel 59, Indianapolis, Indiana

Florida Woman Stops Robbery in Progress

A Miami-Dade County woman was on her way to lunch at a Popeye’s restaurant when she came upon a man viciously beating another in the course of a robbery. Seeing the victim down on the ground and bleeding profusely, the good Samaritan felt compelled to intervene. She drew a pistol from her purse and fired on the robber, missing him but driving him away. The assailant was later arrested near the scene. The victim was not seriously injured, and the woman, at time of publication, had not been arrested.

WPLG-TV Channel 10, Pembroke Park, Florida

Kansas Father-Daughter Team Defends Against Home Invader

When a stranger broke into their home one evening, a Salina father and daughter knew what to do. At first, the door-kicker said he was fleeing someone. When he tried to lock the door, the father yelled for his daughter to get his gun. Having trained for such emergencies with her father, the daughter did as she was asked. The now-armed father held the intruder for police. No one was injured save the intruder, who had bloodied his foot kicking in the front door.

KNSS Radio Ch. 98.7 FM, Wichita, Kansas

California Concealed Carrier Thwarts Kidnapping

A Redding man with a concealed carry permit was at a gas station when he noticed a man accompanying a woman who was “obviously there against her will.” The armed citizen drew his pistol and confronted the woman’s captor, who fled the scene on seeing the gun. Responding police were able to arrest the kidnapper after a search with police dogs and a helicopter. Police praised the permit holder, who was astute enough to recognize the problem and brave enough to take action to save an innocent victim from harm.

Redding Record Searchlight, Redding, California