Handgun Beats Shotgun: Oregon Man Defends Family Against Shotgun-Wielding Neighbor

A man armed with a shotgun attempted to force his way into two Elmira neighborhood homes. At the second home, the man of the house, in an effort to defend his wife and child, armed himself with a handgun and prepared to repel a home invasion. When the armed intruder forced his way through the front door, the homeowner shot the man and held him for responding police. No one other than the intruder, who suffered non-life-threatening wounds, was injured in the incident.

KMTR-TV Channel 16, Eugene, Oregon


California Man Shoots Home Invader

A Fremont man was at home one evening when a group of armed men tried to forcibly invade his residence. The homeowner took up a gun and fired on the invaders, killing one and driving the others off.

East Bay Times, Walnut Creek, California


Utah Man Stops Truck Burglary, Holds Suspect for Police

A St. George man saw someone breaking into a truck around 6 a.m. He took a pistol and went to investigate. On confronting the suspicious man, the armed citizen held the suspect at gunpoint for responding police. Officers discovered several stolen items belonging to other people on the suspect before he was arrested and transported for booking. No one was injured in the incident.

St. George News, Utah


Arizona Man Defends Against Armed Road Rager

A Scottsdale man was driving on a Phoenix-area freeway when another driver threw an object at his vehicle, causing damage to it. The attacker then drove abreast of the driver and fired on him twice with a pistol. Unharmed but fearing for his life, the victim drew his pistol and fired at the attacker. He then drove away and eluded the assailant. The road-rage attacker was later arrested by police and charged with aggravated assault and several other crimes.

KNXV-TV Channel 15, Phoenix


Oklahoma Homeowner Drives Off Two Armed Burglars

When he saw two men circling his home, a Lookeba homeowner took notice and armed himself as a precaution. When the men kicked in his back door, he fired on them. The intruders returned fire before fleeing, and responding police caught them in some neighboring fields. No one was injured in the incident.

News9.com, Oklahoma City


North Carolina Man Defends Against Burglars

Two men, one armed, broke into an occupied home in Union County around midnight. The homeowner, hearing the noise, took up a rifle and fired on the intruders. He wounded one of them and caused both to flee. Both burglars were arrested shortly after the incident.

WBTV-TV Channel 3, Charlotte, North Carolina


Colorado Domestic Altercation Turns Deadly

A domestic situation in Colorado Springs turned violent when a woman’s ex-boyfriend violated a restraining order and confronted her one evening while she was with a male companion. Words were exchanged, and the ex-boyfriend attacked the woman’s male companion, who drew a gun and fired on his attacker, putting him to flight. Police found the assailant the next morning, face down in a nearby snow-covered field, dead from the gunshot wounds he had received in the exchange.

FoxNews21.com, Colorado Springs


Kansas Man Defends Against Road-Rage Incident

A Manhattan couple were involved in a road-rage incident when a driver of another vehicle followed them into a parking lot and angrily approached them with a crowbar. Fearing for his life, the male driver opened fire on the attacker, critically wounding him and stopping the incident.

WIBW-TV Channel 13, Topeka, Kansas


Oklahoma In-Vehicle Shootout Was Setup to Steal Gun

A Tulsa man, knowing a friend had bought a new pistol, set up a situation to steal the gun. Recruiting a female friend to be his getaway driver, the pair arranged to pick up the new gun owner and go grab some food. As they drove to their destination, the woman asked to see the gun. When the man declined, the other man, hiding in the back seat, drew his pistol, revealed himself and demanded the victim hand over the new gun. The two men then engaged in an in-vehicle shootout in which all three people were injured. The conspiring robber was fatally shot, and the car crashed. The surviving woman, wounded in the leg, was charged with attempted robbery with a firearm and first-degree murder. The victim was also wounded in the leg.

KTUL-TV Channel 8, Tulsa


Texas Woman Defends Against Assault

A Houston woman was at home one morning when a family member, apparently high on drugs, incited an argument and slapped her. Noticing a gun in the assailant’s pocket, the woman feared a more lethal attack from him, so she drew her own pistol and shot him in the torso, inflicting a non-life-threatening wound, ending the attack. The assailant was later charged with assault on a family member and terroristic threatening. The county prosecutor declined prosecution of the woman because she had defended herself.

CityOfHouston.news, Texas


Florida Man Defends Against Armed Home Invaders

An Escambia County homeowner was awakened around 4 a.m. to find two people trying to break into his home. The homeowner fired on the intruders, wounding one and causing both to flee in their car, which they crashed a few blocks away. Another vehicle picked the assailants up from the crash site and drove them to a hospital for treatment. The subsequent investigation revealed that the attempted robbery had been engineered by the victim’s granddaughter, who enlisted the help of friends to get money from her grandfather. The grandfather was unharmed in the incident, and all six conspirators involved were arrested on various charges.

WKRG-TV Channel 5, Pensacola, Florida