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True Stories — August/September 2020


Bank Shot: North Carolina Woman Defends Against Five Teens

A Charlotte woman was at a drive-through ATM when she was approached by five young men who proceeded to rob her at gunpoint. Fearing for her life, the woman drew her own pistol and fired on the robbers, injuring one and putting the others to flight. Both the woman and the 17-year-old who was shot while trying to rob her called police. The police are continuing their investigation.

WBTV-Channel 3, Charlotte, North Carolina

Ohio Man Defends Against Ex-Wife and Her New Husband in Fatal Shootout

One afternoon while retrieving the mail, a Yellow Springs couple was ambushed by the man’s ex-wife and her husband. In the exchange of gunfire, both attackers were killed. In a press conference after the shooting, the woman assailed by the two individuals called the shooting “an ambush” and stated that she and her husband “were caught off guard.” She maintained that the attackers “said nothing and started shooting at us.”

Her husband, who was armed and holds a concealed carry permit, indicated that there were two separate gunfights, first with his ex-wife’s husband and then with his ex-wife. The assailant drew a pistol on the man’s wife at a distance of about 10 inches. In response, he dispatched the gunman. A second gunfight quickly ensued when the man’s ex-wife picked up the gun and continued the attack. In defense, he shot and killed her too. The assault purportedly was inspired by a disagreement over college funds for the children of the formerly married couple.

The Dayton Daily News, Ohio

Illinois Man Fights Off Two Masked and Gloved Home Invaders

An Arlington Heights man answered his door one Saturday expecting landscapers. Instead, he was confronted by armed, masked and gloved men who forced their way into his home. The homeowner was able to pummel one of the robbers, causing the intruder to flee, but was compelled to fatally shoot the other with a pistol, ending the incident. Police investigation determined the shooting to be in self-defense. The incident was captured on the home’s doorbell video, verifying the man’s account. The subsequent interrogation of the surviving robber revealed that the invaders were seeking $200,000 that the dead robber had claimed to have seen packed in boxes in the home some 20 years ago.

The Arlington Daily Herald, Illinois

Ohio Woman Kills Assaulting Husband

A St. Mary’s woman was assaulted at about 3 a.m. by her husband, who proceeded to beat her. He then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her. After shooting him because she feared for her life, the woman immediately called 911 to report the shooting and fully cooperated with responding police. Although the woman was initially arrested by authorities, a county grand jury refused to indict her.

WHIO-TV Channel 7, Dayton, Ohio

Georgia Man’s First Date Turns Into Gunfight

An Atlanta man met a woman on a dating site and invited her to his home. The woman arrived with a girlfriend but, unbeknownst to the homeowner, a male friend of hers also surreptitiously entered the residence with a rifle. Alerted to the male intruder by his barking dog, the homeowner took up a pistol and exchanged fire with the armed man, driving off the trio. Taking a round in the leg in the exchange, the homeowner thinks he wounded one of the women. The police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Fox 5 Atlanta, Georgia

North Carolina 7-Eleven Customer Kills Would-Be Robber

A Greensboro convenience store was the scene of an early morning robbery. An armed teenager entered the store, announced a robbery and herded several customers behind the glass-enclosed cashier area. When the robber was distracted by another customer who entered the store, one of the patrons with a concealed carry permit drew a pistol and fired on the robber several times, mortally wounding him and ending the incident. One of the owners noted that the robbery “was a very, very poor decision in a state like North Carolina, where everyone has guns.”

WFMY-Channel 2, Greensboro, North Carolina

Armed Citizen Saves Texas Woman From Pit Bulls

When an Arlington septuagenarian was attacked by two pit bulls, a neighbor rushed to her defense. Seeing the woman being attacked in the face and neck by one of the dogs and the second dog circling the scene, the neighbor drew his legally carried pistol and shot the attacking dog in the torso, ending the attack. The pit bulls had been accidentally released from a nearby home before attacking the woman.

KDFW-TV Channel 4, Dallas

Neighbors Help Virginia Woman Defend Against Car Burglar

When a Spotsylvania County woman found a young man inside her car about 10 one evening, she demanded to know what he was doing there. Rather than reply, the intruder donned a mask and made off with several of the woman’s belongings. When the woman called for help, several neighbors rushed to her aid, including a man who stopped his car in front of the fleeing thief. That’s when the burglar drew two pistols and brandished them at the good Samaritan. The intervening citizen was also armed and drew his pistol, shooting the offender in the leg and ending the incident. The car burglar turned out to be 17 years old, and his pistols ended up being toys painted black. Police declined charges against the intervening neighbor but not for the teen, who will face charges.

WWBT-Channel 12, Richmond, Virginia

Ohio Homeowner Holds Armed Burglar at Bay For Police

A West Salem man’s wife alerted him late one night that their garage door was being kicked in by an intruder. Taking up a pistol when he went to investigate, the homeowner found a strange man trying to gain entry. The homeowner pointed his sidearm at the burglar, ordered him to stop and then ordered him to the ground, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived. While taking the suspect into custody, police found a loaded .380-caliber pistol, several possible drugs and a number of items believed to have been stolen in recent area burglaries.

KIRO-TV Channel 7, Seattle

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