Smile, You’re on Camera: West Virginia Homeowner Alerted to Home Burglary by Security System

A Kanawha County man was alerted at work by his home-security system of movement at his home. He observed a man snooping around the residence. Driving to his home near Charleston, the homeowner found a man had broken in through a porch door. The resident held the burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived. The intruder was arrested and charged with felony burglary.

WOWK-TV Channel 13, Charleston, West Virginia

Louisiana Robbery Ends Poorly for Armed Teens

A young Gretna man was in his vehicle in a driveway when two teens, one armed, put a gun to his head in a robbery attempt. The would-be victim drew his own pistol and fired on the robbers, wounding one and driving both off. Responding police arrested both teens after an area search and also recovered the weapon used in the robbery. Both teens will face felony charges.

Florida Clerk Defends Against Armed Robber

A Broward County gas station clerk was accosted at about 5 a.m. by an armed robber. Taking up his own pistol, the clerk fired on the robber, wounding him multiple times before he fled. Responding police took the robber into custody at a next-door McDonald’s, but he died at a local hospital. The clerk was uninjured in the incident.

WPLG-TV Channel 10, Miami, Florida

Texas Neighbor Shoots Burglar at Friend’s Home

A San Antonio man was at home late one night when his neighbor called seeking help because someone had broken into his home. The neighbor took up a rifle and went to his friend’s aid. Arriving at the residence, and not knowing the friend had fled the apartment, he knocked on the door, which was answered by the burglar. The responding neighbor started calling for his friend and pushed open the door. At that point, the burglar drew a handgun and pointed it at the neighbor, who then shot the burglar three times, fatally wounding him.

Oklahoma Carjackers Captured by Armed Citizen

A Tulsa man was at home one night when he heard a car crash into his apartment complex. Hearing movement coming from outside of his residence, he took up a gun to investigate. He found two men hiding on his porch. The armed citizen held the two men at gunpoint until police arrived. It turned out the men had carjacked the vehicle, then crashed it as they tried to elude police. Authorities praised the armed citizen for his actions., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mississippi Father Defends Son

A Jones County 14-year-old was in his yard at about 5:30 p.m. when a strange man entered the premises. When the boy told the stranger he was trespassing, the man attacked the boy and started hitting and choking him. Fortunately, the boy’s father arrived on the scene and the stranger fled. When the boy told him what had happened, the father grabbed a gun and pursued his son’s assailant. When the assailant saw the father, he drew a pistol and fired on the father, who returned fire, driving off the attacker. Neither man was injured in the exchange. Police continue to investigate the incident.

Laurel Leader-Call, Mississippi

Texas Man Fights off Attackers in Midnight Gun Fight

An El Paso man was at home at about midnight when two armed men attacked him. The victim’s roommate took up his own gun and fired on the assailants. In the ensuing gunfight, the two assailants were both wounded and fled the scene. Both the initial victim and his roommate suffered non-lethal injuries in the incident. The attackers were arrested when they sought medical treatment for their wounds.

El Paso Times, Texas

Utah Man Defends Against Knife-Wielding Attacker

A West Valley City man was at home late one evening when he heard breaking glass and a scream. Taking up an empty shotgun to investigate, he saw a man trying to break into his house. The intruder fled when he encountered the armed homeowner. The homeowner was chasing the burglar when another man came at him with a knife. The homeowner was able to get the knife away from his assailant and beat him with the unloaded shotgun, subduing him.

KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, Utah

South Carolina Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting

A man with a semi-automatic rifle fired on a crowd in Marion while driving by in his car. The shooter then parked his car and walked toward the crowd and fired again. That’s when an unknown man in the crowd used his own weapon to return fire at the assailant, wounding him and ending the incident. The crowd’s assailant was arrested after being treated at a nearby hospital for his wounds.

WPDE-TV Channel 15, Conway, South Carolina

Arkansas Homeowner Shoots Burglar

A Van Buren homeowner was startled one day to find a burglar staring back at him when he opened a closet in his home. A brief struggle ensued, which ended when the homeowner shot the burglar in the leg. Responding police transported the wounded burglar to a nearby hospital for treatment of his non-lethal wound. He will face charges, and the homeowner was not injured in the incident., Rogers, Arkansas

Retired Ohio Cop Shoots Teen Robber

A 75-year-old retired peace officer working as a Meals on Wheels driver was accosted at about 11 a.m. by two teens, one armed. After one of the teens took the victim’s wallet and cellphone, the driver drew his legally carried pistol and shot the armed teen, causing serious but non-lethal injuries. The second robber fled the scene. Police said the defending victim will not be charged.

WBNS-TV Channel 10, Columbus, Ohio