Neighborhood Watch: Couple Finds Door Kicked in, Neighbor Attacks With Hammer

A Skyway woman returned home to find her front door kicked in. Fearing to enter, she called her husband to come home from work to investigate the matter. The husband was leaving the home after briefly checking the interior when a next-door neighbor, with whom the couple had experienced problems, advanced on him in a threatening manner with a hammer. When the neighbor refused orders to drop the hammer and continued his advance, the husband shot him once, hitting him in the abdomen and stopping the attack. Police said that the attacker will be charged with assault and residential burglary on his release from the hospital and that the resident shot in self-defense.

The Seattle Times, Washington

Pregnant Floridian Uses AR-15 to Stop Violent Home Invasion

A Lithia family of three was at home when two armed and hooded men broke in, assaulted the man of the house and demanded money. When the homeowner assured them that he had none, the invaders proceeded to pistol-whip him and kick him in the head. When the victim’s eight-months-pregnant wife heard the commotion and looked out a bedroom door, one of the assailants shot at her. She retreated to the bedroom, took up an AR-15 rifle and engaged the invaders, fatally shooting one and putting the other to flight.

Spectrum Bay News 9, St. Petersburg, Florida

Armed Missourian Defends Police Officer Against Attack

A Pulaski County sheriff’s deputy was investigating a disabled vehicle when one of the occupants refused orders to show his hands and assaulted the deputy with a knife. In the ensuing scuffle, an armed citizen, along with two occupants of the disabled vehicle, aided the deputy in subduing the attacker. The deputy suffered multiple cuts and bruises, as did two of the people helping him, and the assailant was also injured. Fortunately, none of the wounds were life-threatening. The helpful citizens received lavish and grateful praise and thanks from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department for their courageous intervention.

KY-TV Channel 3, Springfield, Missouri

Texas Homeowner Captures Car Burglar

A Fort Worth man heard noises of someone breaking into his truck early one morning. Taking a gun to investigate, he was able to apprehend the car burglar and restrain him until the police arrived. No one was injured in the encounter, and no shots were fired.

The Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas

Shotgun-Wielding NFL Player in New Jersey Scares Off Armed Trespasser

When a professional football player and his girlfriend were threatened by the woman’s ex-boyfriend walking around their Mullica Hill property carrying a baseball bat, the Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle took up a shotgun and let the boyfriend see him with it. After the victim called 911 and requested a prompt police response because he did not want to shoot anyone, the offending stalker fled, but not before using the baseball bat to try to smash the glass in the lineman’s door. Responding police chased the suspect from the residence, but he eluded them and was captured sometime later by U.S. marshals.

WPVI-TV Channel 6, Philadelphia

Virginia Family Fights Off Same Burglar Two Years Later

A man just released from prison after serving time for burglary returned to Elkton and banged on the front door of the same home he had burglarized two years earlier. He started an argument with the 71-year-old resident, and when the ex-prisoner attempted to enter the home in a threatening manner, the lady of the house shot him in the torso with a pistol, ending the incident.

The Daily News-Record, Harrisonburg, Virginia

California Store Owner Defends Against Gang Attack

A Los Angeles store owner was tired of a gang extorting him for money. When masked and armed gang members shot him at approximately 8 a.m. one day, he drew a pistol and returned fire. The store owner’s son, hearing the gunfire, responded with a semi-automatic rifle and helped drive the assailants away. One assailant was shot in the battle and was later arrested at a local hospital when he sought medical treatment.

KNBC-TV Channel 4, Universal City, California

Virginia Man Thwarts Home Invasion

A Duffield man was at home when a stranger tried to force his way into the apartment. The armed resident fired his pistol at the intruder, hitting him in the leg and driving him away. Responding police arrested the suspect a short time later. Charges will not be filed against the homeowner in the shooting.

WJHL-TV, Johnson City, Tennessee

Michigan Employee Defends Against Nighttime Burglary

A man breaking into a closed business on River Street in Comstock Township was surprised to encounter an employee inside. The employee happened to be armed. He drew a pistol and fired on the burglar, inflicting a non-lethal wound and ending the break-in.

Georgia Deliveryman Stops Fast Food Store Robbery

A bread truck driver was making a delivery to a Hardee’s in Ellenwood when he saw employees fleeing out the back door and heard a woman screaming inside. He quickly retrieved a pistol from his delivery truck and entered the store to help the screaming woman.

There he encountered an armed man who had just jumped the counter and demanded money. The now-armed deliveryman confronted the armed robber, and a gunfight ensued, resulting in the robber being wounded twice and fleeing the scene. There were no other injuries.

Police caught up with the robber later and will file charges against him after his release from the hospital. The Clayton County sheriff, impressed with the deliveryman’s heroism, named him an honorary sheriff’s deputy.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia