Interestingly, the cell phone store had a “No Concealed Weapons” sign in the front window.

Interestingly, the cell phone store had a “No Concealed Weapons” sign in the front window.

Illinois CCW Holder Stops Cell Phone Store Robbery

Two men entered a Chicago cell phone store and pretended to be shopping for phones. When they were ready, the bad guys both displayed weapons and announced a robbery to the store employees. That’s when one employee, a legally armed CCW holder, drew his pistol and fired on the robbers, hitting both and putting them to flight. No one else was injured in the incident. Interestingly, the cell phone store had a “No Concealed Weapons” sign in the front window. The storeowner was quick to praise his armed employee for his courageous actions.

Michigan CCW Holder Fights Off Mugger

An armed young man confronted and attempted to rob a Detroit man. Drawing his own legally carried pistol, the would-be victim fired on the robber, injuring him and putting him to flight. The victim immediately went to a nearby police station and reported the incident. Responding police were able to apprehend the wounded robber.

Texan Man Defends Group Against Early Morning Armed Robbery

Four employees were leaving work at a club when a car approached them, with two armed men emerging from the car and announcing a robbery. While the robbers were collecting items from his co-workers, one victim drew a gun from his vehicle and fired on the robbers, hitting one and putting the other to flight.

Channel 13 ABC Eyewitness News, Houston, Texas

Kentucky Father Shoots Own Son in Domestic Argument

A Laurel County domestic dispute resulted in a man shooting his girlfriend and then threatening other family members with his gun. When the father of the shooter tried to pacify the situation, the shooter pointed his gun at his own father, prompting the father to shoot the son with a shotgun in self-defense.

Channel 36 ABC, Lexington, Kentucky

Alabama Man Defends Against Armed Robber

A Mobile man was unloading groceries from his vehicle one evening when an armed stranger accosted him and demanded money. After the robber stole his wallet, the victim was able to retrieve his own pistol and open fire on the robber, striking him twice in the chest and causing him to flee and die a short distance from the crime scene. Police reported the robbery victim was acting in self-defense when he shot the robber.

News 5 WKRG-TV, Mobile, Alabama

Oregon Homeowner Defends Against Armed Burglar

An armed intruder who kicked in the front door of the residence confronted a Vale man early on a Sunday morning. After a short scuffle, the homeowner shot and killed the burglar. Police report that the initial investigation looks like the resident was defending himself and others.

The Argus Observer, Oregon

Ohio Gas Station Clerk Defends Against Threatening Trespasser

When a gas station employee asked a trespasser to leave the station, the intruder drew a gun rather than comply with the request. Seeing the intruder’s gun, the employee drew his own gun and fired on the man, hitting him once and causing him to flee the station. The injured intruder was later arrested in a nearby residential area and charged with aggravated menacing and aggravated trespass. His weapon was later determined to be a pellet gun.

Pennsylvania Man Stops Armed Residential Robbery

A Philadelphia man was at home with his family when an armed and masked man forced his way into the home and announced a robbery. The homeowner drew his own weapon and fired on the robber, killing him. Several other family members also were retrieving firearms in response to the crime, but the incident was over before they could intervene.

Ohio Contractor Kills Teen Armed Robber

While working late at a residential construction site, a teenage Cincinnati male attempted a gunpoint robbery of two contractors. Unbeknownst to the robber, one of the contractors had a CCW. The would-be victim drew his weapon and engaged the robber, killing him and stopping the crime.

WCPO Channel 9, Cincinnati, Ohio

Missouri Man Wins Shootout with Armed Burglars

Hearing loud banging against his back door, a St. Louis homeowner saw two men he did not know trying to force entry into the residence. Retrieving a gun from inside the residence, the homeowner confronted the duo, one of whom was armed and opened fire on the homeowner. The homeowner returned fire, killing one of the intruders and putting the other to flight. Police say the homeowner appears to have acted in self-defense.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri