If you have never trained to clear a Type 3 Malfunction, you should. Once you do, you’ll realize that most Type 3 Malfunction training is not very realistic. You have to grab a piece of brass, set up a double feed and then pretend that the malfunction occurred while you were shooting. Now, the Type 3 Malfunction Trainer allows you to drop a dummy round into your magazine and create a Type 3 Malfunction any time you want.

This ingenious little dummy round has a second rim that hangs up the round above it in the magazine, forcing you to clear the Type 3 Malfunction. Remember the sequence?

  • Identify the malfunction.
  • Lock the slide to the rear.
  • Strip out the magazine.
  • Work the slide two or three times to ensure the chamber is clear.
  • Insert a fresh magazine.
  • Run the slide.
  • Get back in the fight.

Not Your Typical Dummy Round

Best of all, you won’t lose this little dummy round because it never comes out of the magazine, goes into the chamber or falls onto the ground.

Get a Type 3 Malfunction Trainer. You will be glad you did.

More info at: https://customtacticalservices.com/