If you are standing at the 25-yard line shooting tiny, little groups, you are practicing your marksmanship skills — NOT your gunfighting skills. A gunfight is a dynamic event that is often over in just a few seconds. Remaining stationary is not a good plan in a gunfight and, while you want accuracy, what you need to hit is roughly an 8-inch circle at about 3 yards. You also need many hits on that 8-inch circle in a very short amount of time.

What those elements lead to is a change in your training regimen. Train to shoot fast at close-range targets while you are moving. Find a range that will allow you to do this. Do not assume that because you can shoot the center out of a bullseye at 25 yards that you are ready to defend yourself against a sudden assault.

When the shooting stops, move to a position of tactical advantage, do a quick self-assessment to see if there are any extra holes in your body, call 911, keep alert for other bad guys, tell people to stay back and wait for the cavalry.  When police arrive, follow their instructions without delay. Then get ready for the legal battle to come.

It’s About Fighting

The root word of gunfight is fight, not gun. Your training tactics should focus on fighting skills. Gun handling is part of that, but only part. Fighting is made up of many elements, but mostly speed and movement.

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