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Train With the SIG AIR M17


Would you like to train more and save money? Have you tried airsoft? If you are thinking that CO2-powered air guns are “just toys,” think again.

Top-quality airsoft pistols can be amazing training tools for the safe instruction of tactical movement and dynamic shooting. The new SIG AIR ProForce M17 is just one of these training tools. With the same size and weight of a SIG Sauer P320 — currently serving our nation’s military as the M17 — this SIG AIR pistol gives you the weight and feel of a real gun. The reciprocating action adds just a little bit of noise and some recoil to the pistol as you go through your training drills. The pistol is built tough, with a metal slide that is optics-ready, a 21-round magazine and the ability to use CO2 or Green Gas.

SIG AIR: A Hard-Hitting Little Unit

With CO2, the 6mm plastic pellets come out at a speedy 410 feet per second. Eye protection is required. If you choose to use the gun in force-on-force training, you will need full protective gear. The gun retails for about $179, but for that price, it is a great value for training purposes.


SIG Sauer:

About Kevin Michalowski

Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine Kevin Michalowski is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer and is a graduate of the Force Science Institute Certification Course. He has participated in training as both an instructor and a student in multiple disciplines. Kevin is also a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time for a small agency in rural Wisconsin.

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