Three Targets and a Tourniquet

One of the reasons I really love using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) training gear is that you can set up training scenarios just about anywhere. For this little drill, I filled an Eastern Bloc surplus duffle with 120 pounds of sand. I then set up three targets to represent attackers who might be brutalizing someone I wanted to save. To make things interesting, I made the targets of varying heights up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. Targets of different sizes require you to change your shooting angles throughout the drill.

Starting at 7 yards, I engaged each of the three targets with two rounds, ran down to my “friend,” applied a tourniquet, engaged each of the three targets again and then dragged my “friend” to safety. I’m thinking I should build this into some sort of contest and have some fun with it.

While this scenario is not precisely how a real attack would likely play out, it combines many elements of your EDC kit and your defensive skills, including shooting, moving and applying a tourniquet. It also tests a bit of your physical abilities as you move the heavy duffle bag out of danger.

Now, before any of you get upset and start telling me, “I have bad knees and a bad back. I can’t carry 120 pounds,” consider this option: Don’t attempt to carry the 120 pounds. In fact, don’t attempt anything unless you are physically capable of doing it.

The fact that you may be physically unable to engage and prevail in hand-to-hand combat is exactly why you are carrying a gun. Change the rules of the drill to accommodate your physical ability exactly the same way you would change the “rules” in a fight to ensure your safety. Start shooting sooner, and move your starting line back to 15 yards. UTM rounds work at that range. Then, move forward, and render aid to the best of your ability. That aid may simply be shooting the bad guys again until they are no longer a threat. Then, call for help, and protect your friend until help arrives. The rules are simple because there are no rules. You do what you must to train for a fight. You don’t have to do it my way, but it helps if you can find a way to hone your skills. UTM allows you to do that just about anywhere.

Stop the Bleeding

If you carry a gun, there is a chance someone might get shot. That someone could be you or a loved one. A tourniquet can save a life. It is small, light and easy to carry. Consider keeping one handy.