Just a few weeks ago (3/11/16), I wrote about the absurd overreaction in a San Antonio neighborhood because someone found a couple of boxes of old rifle ammo under the house of a 30-year military veteran who had just passed away.

Coverage of the “incident” included images of ambulances, fire trucks, and multiple police cars. Even the bomb squad was called. Over—literally—a handful of old cartridges. Insanity.

Well, in a Kalamazoo, Michigan case, a father of a young child ran into the same sort of hyper-reaction when he legally carried his personal firearm into his child’s school. According to TVNews8:

“A father of a toddler at Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency’s West Campus holds a concealed pistol license. Once a week his toddler has a music class designed for parents to attend. And under Michigan law, CPL holders can openly carry firearms in schools—even if the school is a gun-free zone.”

That’s when the “controversy” began. A number of parents were simply horrified at the thought of “guns in school”—one mother giving the usual vague accusation that the father had “fostered an environment of fear” and “hampered learning.”

Seriously? Her child is only 3 years old, and unlikely able to even comprehend the situation, much less react negatively to it. Seems more like momma is describing her own irrational fears, not her toddler’s.

RESA Superintendent David Campbell stated that he “doesn’t think guns belong in schools” but noted that since the father is breaking no laws, there is little he can do about it. But it was the local school administration’s response that is both amusing and annoying to those of us who carry legally.

The school has chosen to require that the father be escorted by both a school administrator and a police officer to and from classes. Not only that, but the entire school is placed on “lockdown” for the duration of the father’s visits! Talk about overreaction.

Some attempted to use the recent shooting spree by deranged Uber driver Jason Dalton as justification for the over-the-top reaction:

“Having come on the heels of the Dalton case, I think that especially here when we’re talking about schools, that the concern has to be making sure we’re putting the safety of the students first,” Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting said. How treating a lawfully armed parent like a suspect in custody is “putting the safety of students first” is, as usual, never explained.

OK, we agree this sort of nonsense is just that—nonsense. But what should we do about it if we find ourselves in similar situations? Before going on a rant about filing lawsuits and such, I asked my friend, David Gross, what he suggested. David, a superlative defense attorney, firearms expert, and savvy political operator, said the following:

“What they [school administrators] are trying to do is to veto the law by throwing a tantrum, almost literally, ‘I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue.’ What they are doing is, quite literally, ridiculous. So, let them ridicule themselves, marginalize themselves. Have the man smile at the cops; soon, they will be smiling back, and laughing with him.”

He’s right. Just as we did in every state where we passed “shall-issue” carry, by portraying ourselves as the calm, rational, and polite people in such situations, we gradually expose our opponents as foolish—which, incidentally, is right out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Irony can be delicious.