The shootings in Kalamazoo, Michigan will no doubt be the topic of conversation for quite some time. You can bet that the anti-gun crowd will use the actions of this killer as a reason to continue to press ahead with demands for more and more gun control.

You can also bet that people are going to start making calls for further, more intrusive mental health checks prior to the purchase of a firearm.

Reacting to this case with legislation is useless. The suspect in this case was, by every indication, able to pass every background check anyone could institute. Then, one day, he decided that he would, for whatever reason, start shooting people. It is tragic. It is terrible. There is no excuse for his actions. But more laws will not make this sort of thing stop.

Sadly, what will stop things like this are bullets. Good people shooting back at bad people—IMMEDIATELY—is the only way to stop violent actions. We can’t just ask people to stop being evil; we must compel them to stop being evil at the time they are committing evil acts.

There are no reports of anyone shooting back at this barbarian. Why did no one shoot back? I think it is because the American people have been brainwashed to believe that someone will protect us. Who is that someone? Where is that someone? Look in the mirror.

Self-defense requires immediate reaction to the threat. Calling 911 is not an effective means of self-defense. Video surveillance cameras do not stop crime. Hoping or even asking for kindness and mercy do not stop killers. Bullets stop killers.

For whatever reason and by whatever means—be it violent movies, violent video games, ever-increasing gore in our entertainment, or video posts on social media that show people being beaten, shot, and blown up—we have indoctrinated the people of this nation to believe that a violent attack against the innocent is an option…or at least a means of expression. Yet anti-gunners will still tell us that a violent response to a would-be killer is not the answer. I say the anti-gunners are wrong. We have tried for 50 years to TELL people that violence is not the answer while at the same time SHOWING those same people increasingly violent images. And yet, the times when we have seen the greatest reductions in crime are when the potential victims say “No more!” and arm themselves. More guns = less crime.

I know I am not reaching my intended audience with this note. Most of you reading this column already know the importance of being a responsibly armed American. Now it is time for you to become a missionary for this cause. Share this column with people you care about. Start showing people that making good people helpless will not make bad people harmless.

Statistics prove that criminals who are shot commit fewer crimes than those who are not shot. Be prepared to fight back. Be willing to fight back. You are responsible for your own safety. Take charge of your life and your personal safety.