Getting straight to the point, Streamlight has hit the mark with the Strion 2020. This compact light is capable of fulfilling nearly any lighting requirement. It would have made a great addition to my gun belt as a backup light when I worked patrol. To illustrate just how much flashlights have improved, my backup flashlight in the mid-1980s was an AA-powered Mini Maglite incandescent penlight that delivered a mere 14 lumens.

About the Streamlight Strion 2020

The Strion 2020 is the newest among eight models of the Strion flashlights currently available from Streamlight. It is what I would deem a “critical use light.” This is a light that would be used when a significant amount of light is needed but can also be used for everyday tasks. Either way, it is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand.

This rechargeable handheld light is machined from 6000-series aircraft aluminum and coated with a black anodized finish. Its Tri-Lobe anti-roll flange helps keep it on tabletops. The anti-roll flanges on the 2020 are much smaller than those of the original Strion LED flashlight, making this model more comfortable to carry in a pocket.

A grooved gripping surface on the barrel helps keep the Strion 2020 in hand even should there be inclement weather conditions, blood or sweat. A bright aluminum bezel ring secures the lens, setting it apart from other lights in the Strion lineup that have black bezels. The acrylic glass lens is gasket sealed and is impact- as well as chemical-resistant.

At only 6.33 inches long with a barrel diameter of .95 inches and weighing 5.7 ounces, you can easily carry the Strion on a belt or in a cargo pocket. It is rechargeable via a standard Strion charging cradle, which securely locks it into place for charging.

Using the Streamlight Flashlight

The Strion’s switching system is second to none with both a primary head on/off switch and a tail-cap switch for tactical flashlight use. The traditionally positioned head switch utilizes a red/green LED glow to indicate a full charge or a need to charge. And the tail-cap switch can come in handy if you use a handgun and separate tactical light techniques such as the Harries or syringe positions. The switches work independently of each other, and you don’t need to use the same switch to turn off the light that was used to turn it on. A double tap on either switch activates the strobe mode.

Streamlight also perfected the switching system when they added a recessed lever above the head on/off switch of their Stinger 2000. This addition eliminates the slower and less precise method of tapping a tail-cap switch or holding the light switch down to cycle through light settings. This mode intensity lever is quick and easy to operate, an important feature in a 2,000-lumen light. And the location being partially recessed reduces the chance of inadvertently changing a setting. to obtain the desired light setting. This switch was wisely included on the Strion 2020, increasing it’s versatility. The Strion puts out an amazing amount of white LED light for a flashlight of its size.

Light Specifications



1,200 460                 120


1 hour, 45 minutes 5 hours, 30 minutes 12 hours


335 200 110


28,000 10,000 3,000

Why the Streamlight Strion 2020 is a Top Utility Flashlight

The Strion’s 1,200 lumens should handle just about any critical light situation. It is easily carried and can be charged at home or in a vehicle with a 12v charger. I can’t think of another feature that I would want to add to it. Whether on duty, at a campfire, in a car or in a pocket, the new Streamlight Strion 2020 performs a multitude of tasks and performs them well. I found it at for $117.95. The Strion 2020 has a limited lifetime warranty.