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Say It Proud: ‘We Were Born to Protect!’


The USCCA you know today began with one man’s unshakable desire to defend those he loves. USCCA founder Tim Schmidt experienced it when he held his newborn son for the first time. He felt the calling to stand up and bear the responsibility to protect what matters most. That is the moment the USCCA was “born.” And being a member of the USCCA means you feel that calling too.

We Are an Empowered Community – Born to Protect

It takes courage, self-reliance and vigilance. But it all comes down to one simple truth: The people we love are worth defending, and we choose to do so.

The USCCA is now more than 320,000 members strong. As we move into 2020 and a new decade of challenges and opportunities, we have made some changes to our brand to bring even more energy and focus to our mission. You can see these new changes on display at

These changes bring our core beliefs and purpose front and center. We are here to serve the responsible protectors who are dedicated to being the first lines of defense for the people they love. It is at the heart of everything we do.

Focused on Safety

The USCCA’s new look and feel is specifically meant to emphasize the principles of safety, vigilance and strength.

The company introduced safety gold as a primary accent and brand color because of its universal association with security and the reminder to stay alert. It also reinforces the importance of living in “Condition Yellow” — being engaged, aware and prepared at all times. It is paired with black to emphasize the strength it takes to choose to be a responsible protector.

Dedicated to Protectors

“Born to Protect,” the USCCA’s new phrase, reflects both the company’s history and community.

We choose to bear the strength to protect in a world that says, “Do it for me.”

Founded in 2003, the USCCA’s mission has always been to serve those who choose to be the first line of defense for their loved ones. It takes courage to make that choice, and we want to recognize all of our members for being selfless guardians for the people they love.

As a company and a community, we truly believe we are born to protect what matters most. Yet there are still millions of Americans seeking the resources to become the confident protectors their loved ones deserve. These changes are merely one more step to prepare us all for continued growth.

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