Well, it’s 2023.

I don’t know about y’all, but I feel slightly overwhelmed and a little bit under prepared, as if this New Year just kind of snuck into my calendar and popped up out of nowhere, way earlier than planned. But (I’m trying to stay on the positive side here) that just gives us all a chance to reorganize and recalibrate a little bit. Right? Every new year offers a new start. And with that, as responsible firearms owners, this might be the year to do something a little bit different. In fact, you might want to think about or plan out something new for 2023.


I’m not just talking about self-care or taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life and figuratively recharging with some rest or relaxation. When’s the last time you changed (or recharged) the batteries in your tactical flashlight? Or your optics? This would be an ideal time to get fresh batteries installed and perhaps even get a few extras packed away in your handbag and/or range bag for whenever any emergencies or necessities arise.


I know that many people use a new year to take a look at the old one and complete a personal review and assess what’s happened in their lives. But while we’re talking about being prepared, when’s the last time you reviewed and/or inventoried the supplies for your go bag? Or maybe you don’t have one yet! You could start putting a little money aside to make a purchase every month for all of those smaller items that you’d like to include (such as collapsible water bottles, fire starters, or emergency sleeping bags, to name a few), or use that saved money to make a bigger purchase at the end of this year for something like survival food kits.


I’m not really one for the phrase “new year, new you,” since I don’t believe I am a different person every time our planet makes a full revolution around the sun. (Newer … possibly. But new? Not so much.) But I am one to agree that every once in a while, it’s good to stop and look at things from a different angle. With that in mind, it might do you well to consider something more than a firearm for your everyday carry. Maybe this is the year to rethink some additional items and/or practice some skills with that knife, pepper spray, flashlight or other striking tool. As well, a brand-new year is a perfect opportunity to use up the defensive ammo in your EDC and get some brand-new rounds loaded up! While it may cost more money to add or swap out gear or get additional training, you don’t want the lack of those things to cost you your life.


To refresh, repair, or restore are all wonderful ways to renew self, mind, heart, and spirit. But beyond a personal rejuvenation, what about the renewal of any memberships and subscriptions? If you’ve let anything lag behind or expire, this is a great time to flip through those old brochures and magazines gathering dust on your shelf or look through those ancient cards taking up space in your wallet and see what 2A groups or organizations you want to renew or get activated again. Or feel free to check out some new ones that you haven’t encountered before! Besides being part of the USCCA, what about joining, supporting, or donating to Gun Owners of America (GOA), the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), the DC Project, and Hold my Guns? (And be sure to check out your local or state gun-rights groups, as well!)

With nearly a full calendar year ahead of us, it’s important to recharge, review, rethink, and renew… in all the ways you can imagine! And these suggestions are just a few simple actions you can take to enjoy something a bit new and different in 2023. It’s a great first step to a potential new habit, a new skill, or perhaps a new(er) you. Just as J.P. Morgan stated, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”