Bugout bags are all the rage these days, but let’s be honest: You will likely not be running away from anything. You will more than likely be trying to fight your way back home to your family. So let’s call it a “Get-Home” Bag. The contents of the bag will help you fight your way through anything big, like protests and civil unrest, to get home to your family.

As a result, your Get Home Bag should be stocked with all the things you think you will need to get back to your home to protect and defend your family. This backpack from Elite Survival Systems allows you to carry an AR-15, ammo and other gear that will help you handle any SERIOUS situation. And, it is a backpack, making it unobtrusive and easy to carry. No one will look at this and say, “There’s a rifle, ammo and a survival kit in there.”

Use your handgun to fight your way to your long gun. Now you are prepared.

Maybe More?

Looking over my pack, I’m thinking now that I should also include an extra set of keys to my house, some food and water and maybe even some cash. What do you think? What would you put in your Get Home Bag?