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Paris Knife Attack vs FBI’s 2018 Crime Stats


As certain politicians continue to insist our modern sporting rifles are the scourge of humanity and responsible for the bulk of horrendous human loss in this nation, they again remain untrammeled by the facts.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2018, rifles of all kinds – including AR-pattern and AK-pattern rifles and carbines – were used to commit 2.1 percent of murders in the United States of America. Knives, blunt instruments and human hands and feet accounted for 27.3 percent.

Tragically, three French police officers and one administrative worker were murdered in the line of duty today by a criminal who made the decision to slaughter as many police officers as he could. He didn’t find them in a restaurant. He didn’t find them in a parking lot or a coffee stand or out on the street.

He walked right into the police station and began his attack. And what did he use to murder people in that Paris police station?

A knife.

Never, ever allow the dishonest, anti-gun forces who’ve unfortunately infested the American news media to get away with lying about your guns or this nation’s crime problems. Your AR-15 is not the problem. Neither is your Glock or your SIG or your Springfield or any other firearm you own for that matter.

The problem is the kind of individual who would walk into a police station with the intent of murdering people. Your guns are one of the solutions.

Ed Combs

Senior Editor

Concealed Carry Magazine


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