How do you defeat a predator who is bigger, stronger and has the drop on you? Well, first of all, only pretend to comply. Always be looking for an opportunity to use trickery, treachery and subterfuge. If you have to lie to a bad guy in order to win the fight, do it! You know the old saying: If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!

If a predator is demanding money, you may be able to feign compliance and flip the advantage to your favor. When you give up and when you give in are completely up to you, but remember this: A person who is willing to threaten harm is more than likely willing to do harm.

But if the attacker pauses the attack to make demands, this gives you the chance to talk your way to your gun. Tell him you are getting your wallet or tell him you will give him all your money. Tell him anything you need to in order to keep him distracted just enough that you can go for your gun. Practice what Dave Young calls your “surrender rap.” Talk to the robber about how you intend to comply with his demands. While you are doing so, access your gun and fire from retention as you start moving.

Get off the X and live.

Up Close and Personal

Most uses of a defensive firearm happen at very close range. Standing still and shooting a tight group at a 25-yard target is not training for a fight. Make your training realistic and practice shooting at close range from the retention position.