There are a few things that make me angry. Well, more than a few, but that’s only because I’m at risk of becoming a grumpy old man. But right now I’m still brimming with anger over the shooting of eight people in Ohio on April 22.

The killings were indeed tragic, and at the time of this writing, reporters are beginning to present information that drugs, in the form of marijuana growing operations, could have played a part in the killings. I’m sure more details will come out, but you will have to look hard to find the truth in any of this reporting. That’s because the anti-gunners, helped by the national media, immediately jumped on the story and started to spin it.

The Bloomberg folks, including his Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety groups, immediately blamed the NRA! How in God’s name can anyone in his right mind believe a pro-gun group was behind this crime? I will bet you all the money I have in my pocket right now that none of the shooters were or are NRA members. None of the shooters took any NRA-sanctioned classes. And I’m certain that none of the reporters covering this story know a thing about the NRA—like why it was founded, how many safety classes it has conducted, or how the number of firearms “accidents” has dropped every year since the NRA started pushing safety training across this country.

What really makes me mad is that the media just laps this stuff up. Reporters have long ago quit asking questions that matter. Modern reporters make me sad to say I was one. I got into publishing and newswriting because I valued the unvarnished, objective truth. I wanted to be a member of The Fourth Estate; a watchdog for truth in a nation that, as I was growing up, really needed good reporters. Things like the Watergate Scandal, The Pentagon Papers, Chicago Police brutality and corruption, and Iran-Contra all led me to the idea that journalism was a noble and needed calling. Now, you couldn’t find an objective reporter in any major newsroom in the country. Everyone is working an angle. And the biggest, most constant batch of lies being told is about guns and gun owners.

Everyone from Bob Costas to Anderson Cooper gets to weigh in on “the gun issue” without doing any real research. The research they do is twisted and tainted as they go out of their way to prove that guns cause crime and must be restricted. This must be done “to save lives.” If we can save one life, it will be worth it.

If the true goal is saving lives, we need to put an alcohol/ignition interlock on every single car in America. Drunk driving takes more lives than gun-related deaths every year. And the truth of the idea of so-called “gun violence” is that, in this country, if you are not involved in criminal activity, your chances of being the victim of “gun violence” is so statistically low as to be insignificant.

I love reminding people that we have nearly 100 million gun owners in this country. If honest citizens were the problem, you would know it. And if all of us gun owners were as violent as the anti-gunners say we are, there would be no anti-gunners left to complain.

The truth is out there. Sadly, you will never find it from the mainstream media. Now more than ever you have to search for the truth. Don’t give up. Sift through the chaff. Seek out those who ask the tough questions.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren.