Gun reviews are interesting forms of communication. Usually, they feature the new, the noteworthy and the latest and greatest. That’s all good, but every now and again, there is good reason to cover the noteworthy and the great regardless of whether it’s the newest and latest. After all, guns that are reliable, accurate and rugged qualify as noteworthy any day of the week. You could even tag some of them as “great” or perhaps “the greatest.” Today’s noteworthy gun is this IWI Jericho 941. It is not new, but it is noteworthy. It has been in the U.S. since 1990, and the .40-caliber version is not even offered any longer. It is great because it is reliable, accurate and rugged. If you can find one used, you should buy it. IWI currently offers the 941 chambered in 9mm or .45 ACP. It is also available in either a steel or polymer frame in a medium or large size.

This Jericho 941 sports a polymer frame like many of the duty pistols out there today. It is DA/SA and is meant to be carried like a 1911 with a round in the chamber, hammer back and manual safety on. If you want, you can manually lower the hammer for a longer first-round stroke, but the rest of the rounds will cue up in single-action mode. Proper training will help you master this gun and its action and help you benefit as much as you can from its inherent accuracy.

Even though current caliber trends seem to be moving away from .40 to either 9mm or, in some cases, .45 ACP, there is plenty of fantastic .40 self-defense ammo out there today. The Jericho 941’s magazines hold 12 rounds each. If you load one into the chamber and carry a backup magazine, you can have 25 rounds of .40 on hand, which is a noteworthy force to be reckoned with.

Shooting the .40s from the 941 borders on monotonous. Your paper target quickly gets chewed up. Soon, you will absolutely love every bit of this gun with perhaps the exception of the stocks, which are thin and need a bit more help with the grip, perhaps from a stippling job or a rubber sleeve.

Carrying the 941 requires a gun belt and the right holster. At 2.1 pounds fully loaded, it can get heavy if you carry it all day. But after shooting it and enjoying its reliability, accuracy and terrific quality, you will make it work.

A new IWI Jericho 941 retails from $559 to $655 depending on which caliber and type of frame you prefer. Used 941s are likely out there for less. Either way, this gun’s reliability, accuracy and ruggedness make it noteworthy and great.

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