I had the opportunity to spend a day at the NRA’s 2023 Annual Meeting held in Indianapolis. But I merely scratched the surface of the convention’s 14-acre layout. Below are a few of the products I was able to actually get my hands on and talk to vendors about. Detailed reviews of these items will be available in the future.

ArmourLite Watches

ArmourLite is an American watch company specializing in tough and bright Swiss wristwatches. These tritium-illuminated analog watches are trusted by the U.S. military, first responders and outdoorsmen alike. ArmourLite watches make a great alternative to the smart watch movement.


Belly Band Gunbelts from Kat-Luca

These made-in-Texas elastic concealment gunbelts feature “no roll, no scrunch” fit for women and men. I started testing my sample on the way back from the show, and it has already lived up to the product description.


Corbon Glaser Safety Slug Ammunition

Corbon Ammunition was once legendary among the law enforcement community. This ammo had a higher-than-standard velocity but stayed within SAAMI pressure ranges. And it’s coming back on the market under new ownership. Corbon is offering their traditional loads along with Glaser Safety Slug loads. Watch the 1986 Movie Manhunter to see the reputation Glaser safety slugs had.


FightLite Industries: Herring Model Lever-Action & SKR-16 BCM 5.56 SCR

These two rifles, based on modified AR-15 actions and operating systems, were quite impressive. The Herring lever-action proves there’s a lot of fight left in the design, as I’ve long been saying. The SKR-16 is the sleekest handling variation on the AR-15 theme and is legal almost anywhere. It’s slick and easy handling reminds me of my M1 carbine. Plus, FightLight has a belt-fed MCR AR-15 variant.


Henry USA: 9mm Homesteader Semi-Automatic Carbine & Big Boy .357 Magnum DA/SA Revolvers

Henry Rifles has expanded its lineup in a big way with its introduction of the walnut-stocked 9mm Homesteader semi-automatic carbine and Big Boy .357 Magnum/.38 Special double-action/single-action six-shot revolvers. One of the Big Boys has a Birds Head Grip while the other has a gunfighter grip. These drew a lot of attention at the show.


KelTec KSG410 Shotgun

The KSG410 just might be the slickest piece of hardware out of the KelTec factory to date. With a 5+5+1 capacity using 3-inch .410-gauge shotgun shells, the KSG410 promises some impressive close-range smoothbore firepower. It is the slickest .410 I’ve ever handled.


LW Seecamp: .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP Legendary Sub-Micro Defensive Hideout Pistols

I reluctantly admit that I have never fired a Seecamp pistol despite them being around off-and-on since 1981. This is due in part to the originals being both pricey and hard to come by. Modern manufacturing methods have changed that. While the .32 ACP is probably the most well-known version available, the folks at the Seecamp booth said the company is getting close to re-introducing a .25 ACP variant, the caliber which was the first model placed into production by Louis W. Seecamp.


POF-USA Tombstone: A Modern Lever-Action 9mm Carbine

POF-USA, long known for rugged and innovative AR-15 rifles ranging from 5.56mm to .350 Legend and .308, has also jumped into the modern lever-action rifle game with its 9mm Tombstone carbine. The Tombstone is a handy, AR-15-based utilitarian lever-action that is just as versatile as a 9mm AR but without the current legal hassles.


Pro-Tech Knives: American-Made, Family Owned

Manufacturing in California, Pro-Tech offers an extensive lineup of fixed blade, manual and spring-assisted blades featuring hand-crafted quality from modern manufacturing methods. When I saw the knives in the case, the craftsmanship led me to believe they were all custom knives. Pro-Tech does offer custom blades, with one blade being priced at $10,000. Standard automatic knives are priced as low as $160.


Streamlight Protac 2.0 2000 Lumen Handheld Tactical Light

The tactical handheld light revolution shows no signs of abating, with improved technology providing handheld lighting to meet the needs of all serious light users. For those who like compact ultra-high lumen lights, the new Streamlight Protac 2.0 2,000-lumen rechargeable tactical light may be just the light you are looking for.


Trailblazer Firearms: Lifecard and Pivot

This final manufacturer illustrates why it is good to see new products in person at an event where you can meet the people behind the gear. It is an entirely different experience than handling items at a retail store where clerks may have limited knowledge about new products. After seeing some information on the Lifecard single-shot emergency hideout gun, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. I came away from the Trailblazer booth with a much-improved perspective on both it and the new Pivot 9mm emergency carbine. I look forward to testing them.


Where to See New Guns & Gear Next

If you are interested in the latest in concealed carry and home-defense gear, as well as state of the art training classes, the USCCA 2023 Concealed Carry and Home Defense Expo may be for you. This year it is being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from September 8-10. I highly encourage you to attend.