These days, it seems like it’s getting to where you just can’t go anywhere without someone picking a fight. And oftentimes, it’s over just silliness—a parking spot, a place in line at the supermarket, or other such incidents that in earlier times were settled with a simple “excuse me” or “sorry, man, my mistake.”

Road rage is the most obvious example; instead of assuming that someone merely made a mistake, too many people view it as a capital offense. Instead of just “letting it go,” they overreact. And too many times, such behaviors lead to deadly outcomes.

But a recent case unfortunately may be the first in a new venue for confrontations—public bathrooms. Case in point, what happened to Christopher Adams when one of his children needed to use the bathroom while they were shopping at a neighborhood Walmart.

As KSL-TV reports, Adams and his wife were picking up supplies at their local superstore when their children let him know that they had to use the restroom. Video story at:

Like many parents with young children, when there were no “family” bathrooms available, Adams took his five-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son into the men’s bathroom. After his kids had finished their “business,” a man who had entered shortly after Adams and had used one of the urinals turned and began yelling and swearing at the young father, “dropping the F-bomb” and screaming at him.

Bad enough, but as Adams attempted to herd his two children out of the bathroom, things went from verbal to physical—the assailant “sucker-punched” Adams in the side of the face. However, Adams, who is an imposing 6-foot 3-inches tall and 250 pounds, promptly pulled the attacker outside the restroom, and, in his words, “body-slammed” him to the floor and held him until Walmart employees came to help.

When police arrived, it took only minutes for them to arrest the attacker. As KSL reported, Police Lt. Shawn Stoker has “no qualms” about Adams’ decision. “This is a situation where a father felt the most reasonable and safe thing for him to do is to take his children inside the restroom with him, and the customer took exception to that,” he said.

According to police, the attacker, who was unnamed, will be charged at minimum with Disorderly Conduct, and likely Assault. Luckily, things turned out for the better…this time.

But what if either one of these two men had been armed? The possible scenarios are as many as they are varied. Had Adams held the attacker at gunpoint, would police have been as quick to take his side? We’ll never know.

Regardless of the outcomes, incidents such as these should be seen as learning opportunities for those of us who carry firearms. There are always new and unusual problems that any of us could face.

So, if you should find yourself in the same situation with your own children (or grandchildren), here are a couple of tips:

First, before entering the men’s room, poke your head inside just to make sure no one is standing at the urinals. Then, give a “hey, guys” warning to anyone in the stalls that you have young kids with you. Courtesy goes a long way.

And I don’t suppose I need to remind you that with the highly emotional “transgender” bathroom debate ongoing, the potential for such conflicts increases.

Stay aware. Stay safe.