Red dot sights are all the rage on pistols these days, but they often require some extra work when it comes to installation. If you want to try shooting your pistol with a red dot sight without dealing with milling the slide, you can try the Sightmark base plate system.

This system is designed to be used on Glock pistols or pistols that, like this one from Lone Wolf, use the Glock rear sight cutout. Simply remove the rear sight from your pistol with a sight pusher and install the mounting bar in the sight channel. Screw the base plate to the mounting bar. Then screw the Sightmark Red Dot to the base plate. Now you are ready to sight-in the pistol. If you find you don’t like the red dot, you can easily remove the entire system and replace the rear sight.

If you really love the red dot, well maybe you will want to make the more substantial investment in having your slide milled to accept a base plate or buying a new pistol that is already set up to handle such a sight. This system appears to be a quick and easy way to get started with a red dot sight. In a later episode, we will take it to the range and put the gun through its paces.