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Mossberg’s Done It Again


It’s not all that often I get surprised in this business, but Mossberg’s managed to do so twice in just two years.

In November 2018, the American shotgun giant called me and editors from other shooting publications out to Arizona to assess its MC1sc, a polymer frame, striker-fired, single-stack 9mm pistol. It’s an excellent little everyday carry (EDC) piece equipped with what Mossberg calls the “Safe-Takedown System,” a proprietary design that allows users to disassemble the pistol without pressing the trigger — all while maintaining the slim slide lines of a Glock-type design. This past November, it was with the MC2, a double-stack version of the MC1sc.

Well … kind of.

About the Mossberg MC2

It’s a double-stack pistol, but rather than running Glock mags (G43, to be exact) like the MC1sc, it runs what is very clearly a MecGar CZ-type box that holds 13 rounds (with a 15-rounder on the way). It has a 3.9-inch barrel and an overall width of 1.125 inches. Rich Kirk, Mossberg’s senior director of marketing, describes it as “Glock-19-sized with a much thinner grip profile.”

And he’s right.

We put the MC2 through a rigorous course of evaluation, shooting at everything from paper to steel at distances ranging from 2 to 50 yards. For the extensive assessment, we ran 147-grain Blazer FMJ and 135-grain Hornady Critical Duty 9mm through these guns as quickly and, for lack of a better term, as thoroughly as we could. In the words of my friend and industry mustache nemesis Jay Grazio from those NRA Publications, “It’s the [Mossberg Model] 500 of handguns. It just runs.”

Testing the MC2

Like its predecessor, the new pistol has an integrated blade safety on the trigger and, as mentioned above, disassembles without the trigger having to be pressed to the rear. The new pistol is also available with a crossbolt safety for sale in those jurisdictions in which such a feature is required. As for holsters, we were restricted to Kydex on this trip, with a DeSantis holster and Blackpoint magazine carrier putting in good performances under both target shooting and combat course conditions. Reloads in this pistol were smooth, and accuracy with the white three-dot sight system was more than adequate for the kind of shooting this pistol is designed to do. If so desired, the end user can also retrofit it with No. 8 SIG sights. TruGlo Tritium Pro sights are also available from the factory. It’s shipping with an MSRP of $490, but you’ll likely see it in gun shops for around $399.

Mossberg made its name with guns for the everyday citizen. “One hundred years ago, this company was formed to arm every American who wanted to be armed,” declared Kirk, and I would say that the current generation of company leaders have more than upheld that ethos. For a full rundown on how this pistol carries, shoots and performs, you’re going to want to read my review in Concealed Carry Magazine.

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