Maybe Not THIS Laser

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mounted a Viridian C5L laser and light on my Grey Man pistol. I trained with it, I tested it, and I got a new holster for that rig. The laser I am talking about today is NOT that laser.

I got caught up in an impulse purchase while shopping online and am now the proud owner of a Light Defender Tactical Laser Model 303. The promotional video showed the laser popping balloons. But I guess it only pops black balloons. The laser I got in the mail did not pop yellow balloons, and everyone knows yellow balloons are the most dangerous. The marketing efforts behind the Laser 303 say that you should use the vicious green beam to blind your attacker, but I just don’t see that as a viable defensive strategy.

First up, it is not really what I would call “military-grade.” Nor is it very ergonomic. The switch for the Laser 303 has no option for “constant-on,” so if your finger slips off the button, you are once again in the dark. In a struggle, the laser seems to be better-suited as an impact weapon. Notice I did not say “well-suited.” I said it would be better to hit someone with the Laser 303 than to try to shine it on your attacker. Maybe if you used the laser at longer ranges you could have a better chance to keep the beam in the bad guy’s eyes, but as a close-quarters-battle (CQB) weapon, I don’t see the effectiveness.

I bought the Laser 303 on a whim just to show you a small slice of all the silly “defensive” weapons currently on the market. To that end, I will end this the way I end the video: If you think you are going to be fighting for your life, choose a proven weapon and learn to use it very well. Learn the rules surrounding the use of deadly force in your jurisdiction and don’t think that you can stop a bad guy with some gadget. On the other hand, the Laser 303 does create a nice little light show.

Real Fights Are Really Messy Remember, the bad guys have more experience fighting than you do. They look for the most opportune moment to strike, and they don’t care if they hurt you. You have no moral obligation to react to an attacker’s aggression with a lower level of force just because you are a nice person. Fight as hard against your attacker as he or she is willing to fight against you. The force you use must be objectively reasonable, but don’t get caught thinking you can bluff your way out with a green light.


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