The Lucas Oil Products name has been associated with just about every aspect of motorized racing for many years. Their liquid products include oils, additives and appearance enhancers. Lucas Oils has products for heavy-duty trucking, hot rod and classic high-performance vehicles, marine use and racing only use, just to name a few.

It was only natural that a company so dedicated to outdoor sports and competition would eventually develop a line of firearms cleaning, lubrication and maintenance products. Lucas Oil’s firearms products are extensive enough to cover just about any need for cleaning and maintenance that one can imagine.

I received a Lucas Oil sample kit a few months ago and have been working with them as needs arise.

A Look at Lucas Oil Firearms Products

  1. Extreme Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner
    This is a very interesting combination product. Lucas describes it as a “premium blend of cleaning solvents and corrosion inhibitors.” It is polymer and factory finish safe and leaves a micro-layer of corrosion protection. It also has a pleasant scent. In fact, none of the Lucas Oil firearms products I tested had an overpowering odor. I was able to use them in the living room without complaint from my wife! The Bore Solvent cleans well to boot!
  2. Extreme Duty CLP
    No line of firearms maintenance products would be complete without a CLP (Clean, Lubricate and Protect) product. Good CLPs do it all, saving the user time and expense. CLPs are also good for packing in space-saving cleaning kits for field or range days. According to the label, Extreme Duty CLP is also good for general home and shop use. Josh Sykes from Blue August, which represents Lucas Oil, told me he used the CLP to clean the lenses of his car’s headlights. I used it for quick cleanup and lubrication of my SIG M17 after firearms qualification.
  3. Extreme Duty Contact Cleaner
    Extreme Duty Contact Cleaner is a high-pressure aerosol spray designed to blast away powder and firing residue (carbon), as well as oil and grease. It is great for cleaning direct impingement AR-15s, including the chamber, carrier and bolt. It did well on a detailed clean of my duty AR.
    *Areas cleaned with EDCC will need to be re-lubricated before re-assembly.

    Lucas Oil Gun Maintenance Products

    Check out Lucas Oil’s full line of gun cleaning products at

  4. Extreme Duty Gun Oil
    After you use the Contact Cleaner, follow up with the Extreme Duty Gun Oil. According to Lucas Oil, Extreme Duty Gun Oil is “a special blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing a lubrication specially formulated for high volume, high heat and friction firearms.” Translation? Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is great for use in AR-15s. My sample was the one-ounce size bottle, with a metal needle-type applicator. Larger sizes are available — up to one gallon.
  5. Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish (and Tumbler Media Additive)
    I have been waiting for this polish for 34 years. In 1985, there was a little-known product designed for removing rust from blued steel and nickel-plated guns called “Rust-Off.” You wiped it on like car polish, let it dry and wiped it off. It would remove surface rust on the blued steel without removing the finish. But it suddenly disappeared from the market. The Lucas Gun Metal Polish is a more than adequate replacement. It safely polishes blued, stainless steel or brass and removes surface rust from finishes and bores. I tried it on a hand-forged fixed blade knife that I let my wife use to carve a Halloween pumpkin. After she was done, small brown rust specks appeared on the high carbon steel blade. The Gun Metal Polish removed the specks of rust and shined the blade. I would never use another polish on a firearm, especially a blued or nickeled one. This is great stuff!
  6. Extreme Duty Gun Grease
    If you need more lubrication or long-term protection than the Gun Oil or CLP can provide, then the Extreme Duty Gun Grease is for you. It is “a premium, heavy-duty firearm grease formulated with a unique additive system designed to provide maximum lubrication under the most severe operating conditions.” I coated the blade of the aforementioned pumpkin carving blade that sees more storage than use with it.

The Lucas Oil Firearms product line is a welcome addition for gun owners who seek maximum protection for and functionality of their firearms.


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