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Leggings, Yoga Pants and Firearms


I love wearing leggings and yoga pants. I’d wear them all the time … if I could get away with it. In fact, I might be one of those women who, if I wear something else, people ask, “Why are you so dressed up?” Of course, being a big fan of comfortable, stretch-knit pants that sit at the hip can create a challenge for carrying a firearm. I mean: Where do you carry, right?! Thankfully, there is a variety of effective options to consider.

Belly bands: A belly band can be a great option for a lot of different clothing types, since the firearm fits snugly in a compression-type band that can sit in just about any position (high or low; front or back) around the waist or hips. This versatile holster still allows for safety and accessibility, but it’s a much slimmer and softer option, so it’s typically easier to hide underneath a wider variety of clothes. There are many different types, styles and sizes of belly band — from stretchy, heavy-duty lace to military-grade elastic … and from thin, 3-4 inches to hip-hugger, 6-7 inches — designed for many body types and gun models. Check out companies like CanCan Concealment, CrossBreed, Galco, Lethal Lace and The Well Armed Woman for some great selections.

Corsets: Corset holsters are basically a slimming shapewear-type holster that provides comfortable concealment for a wide variety of EDC firearms underneath most clothing types. Some corset styles are set up for kidney carry; others are designed for appendix carry. So measure carefully (using the company’s tips and suggestions), and select the style that works best for you, your gun and the outfits you plan on wearing. Check out CanCan Concealment, Dene Adams, and Femme Fatale for some beautiful corset holster options.

Shirts: There are several kinds of shirts created for women who choose to conceal carry. Some designs are tank tops that enable the wearer to secure a gun under the arm, which, for many women, is an effective place for concealment. Others keep the firearm near the appendix or hip. And some creations are like more traditional shirts … that hide a clever secret pocket to holster a gun. Any of these styles can be easily paired with leggings or yoga pants without having to worry about belts or heavy holsters that may pull and tug on the material. Plus, since the shirts are ambidextrous, you can hide an extra magazine, knife or flashlight in the pocket on the opposite side. Try the selections from 5.11 or UnderTech UnderCover for a clever concealment tank, check out Nickel and Lace for a compression camisole or peruse the variety of tactical but practical shirts from Silver State Apparel.

Bra holsters: Many women swear by the bra holster, since it offers a convenient option, especially when others may not be available. In most cases, the user attaches and tucks the thermo-plastic, molded clamshell holster horizontally underneath the front of the bra band and can draw by pulling straight down on the grip of the gun. Dene Adams features an option that’s actually a type of sports bra alternative, with holster pockets built in, and DeSantis and FlashBang have some more “traditional” bra holster creations that may work for you.

Each of these holster options is unique, but you’ll find that they may offer a perfect solution for those “comfy clothes” days when you still want to carry your gun on body. Whatever you choose, always be safe and be sure to practice with your unloaded firearm (no ammo nearby) so you can become comfortable and confident with your carry choice.

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