A laser on your pistol can really help you get on target faster, but it becomes easy to fall into bad shooting habits if you are only looking for the laser dot and ignoring your sights. It sounds funny, but you should improve your laser training by ignoring your laser 3/4 of the time.

Yes, lasers work, and they help get you on target, especially in a close-quarters fight or from a compromised shooting position. But just like any other mechanical device, a laser can fail. If the laser fails, Murphy’s law says it will certainly fail at exactly the time you need it most. It is then that you will need to really focus on your front sight and make your shots count.

When training with your laser-equipped pistol, you should ensure that you spend 75 percent of your training time using your iron sights. Never let that skill fade. Lasers are intuitive and easy to use, so don’t get lazy when training with them. The rules of pistol marksmanship still apply. If you spend the majority of your time training with your iron sights, you will be on target even if your laser fails.

Lasers Work Both Ways

Those opposed to using a laser or a light on a pistol will often say something like, “The laser works both ways and will tell the bad guy right where you are.”

Well, the bad guy already knows where you are. You are not sneaking up on him, shooting him without warning. In the vast majority of deadly force situations, the element of surprise will be used against the good guy, and — by the time the fight is underway — you will be struggling to get ahead of the action. Any tool you can use that allows you to more quickly put accurate shots on target is a benefit.

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