Keep Fighting!

What does a person usually do after getting shot with a pistol? The same thing he was doing before he got shot with a pistol. So, if you get shot, keep fighting until you win. In this video, the police officer takes a round to the leg but keeps pressing on in the fight until he wins. He is able to do so largely because he trained to fight from compromised positions.

Your typical day at the range has nothing to do with a gunfight. A gunfight is fast and dynamic. It often puts the participants into strange shooting positions from which accuracy and movement are required for survival. If you are not training to shoot from compromised positions, around odd cover and through possible injury, you are not training to fight. You are just plinking. Shoot and move. Move and shoot. Don’t just stand still on the range and think you have everything covered.

Get More Training

Find a reputable training school that will teach you to shoot from these positions. Then, find a range that will allow you to practice like this.