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It’s Personal: How Supporting Ranges and Retailers Builds Stronger, Safer Communities


The community of responsible gun owners is at a crossroads.

We’ve seen dramatic changes and growth inside the firearms industry in the last 30 years. In 1979, there were just 5,600 attendees at the very first SHOT Show, the nation’s largest annual firearms trade show event. In 2019, that number grew by more than 10 times to 58,000, with 2020 on track to beat even that.

On the one hand, we’ve never seen more diversity and inclusivity than we have today. But with the advent of the digital age and online retail, maintaining a sense of personal connection and community has also become increasingly complex.

Do More With the USCCA

American gun owners have options — literally thousands of them.

They also have high expectations for quality and service.

At the USCCA, we believe it’s essential that we do more than simply meet those expectations.

We need to foster a sense of community and strengthen the places where responsible gun owners can train and connect with each other.

That’s exactly why the USCCA launched its Official Partner Program to build lasting ties with the best ranges and retailers across the country.

Why? Because we believe it’s impossible to replace the world-class customer experience created by good, face-to-face service.

Empowering People Face-to-Face

As USCCA Official Partners, ranges and retailers have access to the USCCA’s latest education and training materials for responsible gun owners. They will also have new opportunities to grow their businesses and expand their impact on their communities.

These businesses are where the rubber meets the road. They support their local communities financially and provide a valuable place for firearms owners to train and connect.

For many Americans, they are also the first step on the journey to becoming armed protectors.

Nearly 150 top ranges and leading retailers joined the program during the USCCA’s initial launch in 2019. It’s an amazing start, and we’re aiming to dramatically grow our partnerships throughout 2020.

Together, we can help empower people as protectors and build stronger, safer communities.

Please consider supporting the partners listed on our Official Partner Program page for all your self-defense education and training needs. They’ve made a commitment to help keep America’s protectors connected, trained and equipped to defend what matters most.

If you’re a range or retailer considering joining the program, please visit to learn more.

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