The Ideal Conceal Pistol looks like a smartphone until you flip down the grip to reveal the trigger of a two-shot, derringer-style .380 pistol.

This “cellphone gun,” as some people are calling it, provides you two rounds of .380 in a tremendously concealable package. But, as the old saying goes, “you can’t get something for nothing.”

Things that you give up in order to get a gun that looks like a cellphone include rapid deployment, good sights, a smooth trigger pull, ammunition capacity and the ability to reload quickly. If you need this level of concealment and are willing to give up those other things to get it, this pistol might work for your concealed carry needs. If you are considering this pistol or something similar, you need to step in with your eyes wide open.

You cannot get something for nothing. The Ideal Conceal cellphone gun gives you something, but it also takes some things away. The choice is yours.

.380 Will Work

Don’t believe the haters who say .380 is not an effective self-defense round. Modern bullet and gunpowder technologies have greatly improved the performance of the .380 ACP. There may be many other issues surrounding the typical .380 platform that might make you reach for a gun of a different caliber, but those are often not a function of the caliber but rather the design of the pistol. If you find a good .380 that you like to carry and can shoot accurately, carry that pistol.